Heart of the Righteous- Poem

There are days where I don’t want to know
Anyone else other than you
Frustration’s exploding deep inside
As I watch injustice in front of my eyes
The wicked are blessed enormously
And I’m wandering like a missing sheep
To discover my purpose and destiny
But the burdens are piling on top of me

Carry this load for me
Lord, remove this yoke from me

With mighty wealth and destinies
Displayed to the world for all to see
The righteous discerns their vivid pride
It is the only thing that shines
My heart is troubled, and it’s weary
No matter how hard I try to speak
The wicked, they don’t want to see
And some are comfortable in iniquity

Even in church, they’re sinning
Over them, Lord, have mercy

The righteous struggles to prevail
Although forgotten, they never grow stale
The wicked mocks and tortures the weak
Saying to them, “You’ll never, ever succeed.”
There are days where I fight and I feel this war
There are days, where I know that I need you, more
Like the righteous, who struggles and perseveres
I know my breakthrough is very near

Carry this load for me
Lord, remove this yoke from me

No one will comprehend or understand their soul
Their warrior spirits ascend from the shores
Their humbled hearts have been through it all
Their deadened souls, always rise up
This cry is for the righteous
Pleading to defeat their enemies
These prayers are for the righteous
You are reaching your destiny

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