President Trump strikes Syria around the time of Passover.

During the month of April, Christians commemorate one of the greatest moments in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Passover, the event in which God delivered the Jews from Egyptian captivity, is also celebrated by the Jews. According to the Bible, the feasts of the Lord are times of God where he wants to reveal his plans with the world. The resurrection of Jesus occurred during or around the feast of Passover. Similarly, a lot of drastic historical moments happened around a feast of the Lord, such as 9-11, the 2008 recession, the blood moon a few years ago, and many other significant events.

How does this relate to what is happening in Syria right now?

Currently, we are hearing in the news about the strike at Syria caused by the United States. There is a lot of controversy as to whether it was the right or wrong decision to strike Syria, given that they are allies with Russia. Could this mean Judgment over Syria, or the United States?

There are a lot of innocent families that are dying throughout these wars, and President Trump made sure to strike Syria in a manner that also diminishes the power of ISIS. This maneuver worked out well, but nonetheless, we must pray hard for this nation and for righteousness to prevail.

One thought on “President Trump strikes Syria around the time of Passover.

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