What are the consequences that strongholds have in our life?

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. — 2 Corinthians 10:4

What is the war that we face every day in our life?

There is a war that we face every day whether we like it or not. The major battle that we struggle with is the war to die or not to die. It is to remain in the will of God or to choose to backslide. It is to be continuously delivered or to allow negativity to block our deliverance. This war has been initiated it and it is lengthened by Satan because as long as there is an enemy there will always be a war. In other words, for as long as we live, we will continue to be at war in our mind.

Moreover, there is a war with the struggle of territory, and we even see it in the natural realm. The devil desires to gain terrain because a person reigns when he occupies several lands. When the devil marks his territory in our minds, he begins to influence our actions and everything that we are. We must be delivered!

There is a saying that “our thoughts give way to habits, habits give way to character, and character gives way to destiny.”

The devil wants to keep us in our minds because in our mind he begins to strategize his thoughts. Leaving the will of God doesn’t happen instantly! Little by little, the devil feeds those thoughts. He feeds them until it is no longer him influencing us, but we become the orchestrator behind our own decisions. Our pastor once said in a preaching that when we don’t rebuke wicked thoughts, we come into agreement with them. As we agree with more negative thoughts, a stronghold is born.

I have learned through my walk with God that strongholds are like building blocks. They are like fortresses, castles, big buildings. It is like a tree that cannot be moved because it is deeply rooted in the ground. In other words, no matter how much we push, it can’t be moved. Strongholds are set structures and minds that are set. When someone wants to take us out of that thought pattern, we always come into arguments.

A person with a stronghold always has an argument to never change.

Are there any areas where we are preventing or blocking ourselves from changing? We must make the decision to repent and ask the Lord to renew our mind. None of us are perfect, and our minds are consistently and daily being renewed. The condition of our life is the condition in our mind. I always tell people, family members, friends, and even disciples, that if our thoughts haven’t changed things in our mind, it is a sign that we need to switch things around. We must constantly change ourselves so that we can keep experiencing prosperity, freedom, and power in our lives.

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