President Trump signs controversial religious executive order.

At the National Day of Prayer yesterday, President Trump gave an incredible speech to America. His message reflected and revealed the importance of the First Amendment, the freedom of speech and religion in particular. He said that his executive order barred the Johnson Amendment, which prohibited preachers and religious figures from endorsing a candidate in public. While there was a lot of controversy surrounding this executive order on religious freedom, it gives us a clear picture that God is doing an incredible thing in our country.

From the beginning of his run to become president, he spoke at his campaigns about how Christians have been left out of many fields and they have been persecuted. He said in one speech that we haven’t seen since the Middle Ages the heads of people being cut off, but now we’re seeing it in Middle-Eastern countries with Christians. There’s not much attention that is drawn to this, but it is true, and it is something that America must pioneer to the world.

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