Aaron Hernandez commits suicide.

On the evening of April 19, Aaron Hernandez, originally convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd, hung himself by his bedsheets from a window on his cell. This happened after he was indicted again for murder. The late football player has shown signs of aggressions in the past, as well. After his tragic death, he left several suicide notes to relatives and friends. The only one that came out in public was the one to his girlfriend that he ended by stating that she will become rich. This story of someone who’s career came crashing down is severely tragic, and it brings other people to mind that have also committed suicide. One of the most memorable celebrities that come to mind was Robin Williams. How did this happen? Could it have been prevented? 

Sources say he had John 3:16 written in blood on his prison cell. Suicide comes with a long state of depression and discouragement, which is the main cause as to what makes people want to kill themselves. Depression is to live in a life where there is no hope, no faith. The jury and judge indicted him again, and the video shows him crying after the verdict was released. With this being said, Hernandez was probably in a state of hopelessness because he knew that the truth would be uncovered, and it could ruin the future of his child. Maybe by him dying, his estate could reclaim money from the Patriots to help support the child. None of these things are fact, they are just assumptions of what probably influenced Hernandez.

Nonetheless, God is the only giver and taker away of life. I can just imagine the Holy Spirit crying as he was preparing his grave. I can just visualize the Holy Spirit screaming at him, telling him to not do it, and his refusal to listen. 

If you are reading this and you are living in a state of discouragement and depression, I want to tell you that there is hope and there is an answer that can set you free. His name is Jesus Christ. He can take your depression away and replace it with joy. Depression is the absence of purpose. People commit suicide because they don’t feel like there’s hope or purpose for living. That is not your state! You were created for a purpose. You were destined to reign. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil. The enemy will lie to you because he wants to steal your soul.

“Father I pray right now over anyone that is reading this, that you activate them in faith. Let them see beyond their discouragement and their sorrow, and allow them to enter into a state and realm of expectation, joy, and peace. I bind every spirit of death that wants to creep in, and I declare that you will be their judge and that you will reign in their lives! Fight their battles, comfort them in trials, and hear their cries! In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!”

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