North Korea captures their fourth U.S. citizen, raising tensions between both nations regarding an outbreak of war.

As we all know (or should know), diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea are in high tensions, worse than they have ever been in history. Some can argue that they are on the verge of beginning another World War. Former president Barack Obama decided to deviate from causing madness; he chose to ignore it. Current president Trump has had enough with being nice and soft with North Korea, given that they can be dangerous in the future if they continue to build nuclear weapons. The story behind it is that for years, North Korea has been known to build and create nuclear weapons that can cause catastrophic destruction to the world. They have threatened the United States countless times, leaving Americans fearful of the possibility of a third war.

What is the story behind the North Korea?

The current ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, marks the third generation of dictators in North Korea, having created a communist nation. This family established a regime that has attempted to remain in power throughout the years. North Koreans are brainwashed into thinking that the United States is evil and that their leader is an angel. Koreans are willing to die to defend the honor of their leader. No one can talk against him or say anything about him in that nation. In addition, they cannot exercise any type of religion, because it can influence different types of beliefs or ways of thinking. 

Moreover, Kim Jong Un, as a shield so that the United States doesn’t fire at North Korea, have detained U.S. citizens in their prison. They just captured a fourth citizen.

In an interview, President Trump said he would be honored to meet with Kim Jong Un. However, what kind of confrontation would this invoke? I absolutely have no idea. We have seen Trump’s temperament with the media, and people that do not like him. This is another call to pray for our country and nation, and even the entire world.

For years, Kim Jong Un has promised to bomb and strike the United States and has failed to do so. Journalist in North Korea have realized that its citizens hate Americans, and they are perhaps preparing a military for battle. When will be the breaking point? We would have to pray that it never happens. I have researched countless of documentaries on this dictator, and he isn’t someone to mess around or play with. We must pray. I cannot imagine a world that is controlled and dominated by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. 

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