Does God speak to us through signs?

Have you ever wondered if God can speak to us throughout our lives? On a daily basis, he wants to keep communicating to us. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less we pay attention to our world and to the reason why certain things have to happen to our lives. If we sit back and have communion with our Heavenly Father, we will only capture and understand why specific things have to happen before others. We must discern these signs, because like the word says, that "These signs will follow those that believe." When Jesus came, believers were able to capture the revelation that he was the Messiah by the signs that he portrayed. If it was merely because he was a carpenter, it would've been impossible. It was the signs that pointed to God and to a higher reality. As a result, I felt to put together some charts about certain numbers, colors, animals, and other various interpretations that we may have in our lives that may mean something. This isn't a "psychic" methodology, or an interpretation of dreams. The only one that can do that is the Holy Spirit, but if we understand what numbers mean, we can understand certain clues about why things have to happen in our lives.

For instance, I remember I was saved in March 5, 2010. March is the third month of the year, which symbolizes the Trinity and unity, number five means grace, and ten signifies the laws of establishment. In other words, my salvation was a powerful declaration that I would be walking in his perfect grace and with his Trinity! Another meaning for ten means testimony, so I took that affirmation that God wants to use my life as a testimony to others. I got saved when I was 16 years old, which means sanctification and love. In other words, God sanctified me with his love! The signs he has released over my life are endless! I hope these signs can be a blessing to you!

ANIMALS from the Bible Study Tools Dictionary:

The Ant: In the book of Proverbs, symbolizes diligence. It continues working and it never is found sitting down or laying down.

The Bear: The bear symbolizes independence, it is never found with other bears. It is always by itself.

The Camel: Camels represent curiosity.

The Dog: Dogs define or signify a wanderer.

The Donkey: In the Old Testament, symbolizes patience and gentleness.

The Dove: The dove represents the Holy Spirit as it did in the book of Matthew, after Jesus was baptized.

The Eagle: The eagle symbolizes superiority, great heights, and skies.

The Horse: Horse signifies radicalism, war, and rage.

The Lamb: The lamb symbolizes Jesus, he was the lamb that was slain for our sins and transgressions.

The Lion: The lion symbolizes boldness, fearlessness, and courageousness.

The Sheep: The sheep defines men, because the sheep are very stubborn and slow.

COLORS from Color Meanings:

Black: Darkness, sin, death, mourning, affliction.

Blue: Holy Spirit, authority, heaven, skies.

Gold: Glory of God, divination, beauty, holiness, majesty.

Green: Fruit, new beginnings, harvest, prosperity.

Orange: Fire of God.

Purple: Priesthood, kingship, wealth, royalty.

Red: blood of Jesus, lamb of God, salvation, love of God.

White: Purity.

Yellow: Faith and glory, anointing, joy.

NUMBERS (Chart pulled from Spirit Community):

 1 – Unity, sovereignty, whole
2 – Division
3 – Trinity
4 – Weakness
5 – Grace; giant
6 – Man
7 – Complete Category
8 – New Birth
9 – Plagues
10 – Laws of Establishment
11 – True Witness
12 – Authority
13 – Double Blessing
14 – Passover
15 – Cover
16 – Experiential Sanctification
17 – Lawlessness
18 – Pillar
19 – King, Royal/Federal Government
20 – Going Out and Coming In;
military; generation
21 – Providential Preventative Suffering
22 – Cursing
23 – Cursing turned to blessing;
Spiritual uptrend
24 – Elders of Israel; Strategy
25 – Sovereignty of God
26 – Political Babylon, Politician
27 – Horn
28 – Fortress, stronghold
29 – Victory over Edom
(Laws of Establishment Victory)
30 – Priest
31 – Evil King, Archon
32 – Conspiracy
33 – Purification of the Holy Spirit
34 – Division
35 – Rest from Enemies
36 – Ai; shooting yourself in the foot
37 – Warrior; mighty warrior
38 – Death in the Wilderness
39 – Sin unto Death
40 – Maximum Divine Discipline
41 – Happiness
42 – Bear, Baal, Russia
43 – Fulfill; complete
44 – Suffering
45 – Victory over the Stronghold
46 – Pregnancy
47 – Peace
48 – Inheritance of the Levites
49 – Length of time before 50,
i.e. Pentecost or the Church
50 – Church
51 – Arrogance
52 – Wall
53 – Large fish; ship
54 – Redemption
55 – Grace Blessing
56 – Dropping of dung or soldiers
in the field
57 – Zebulun
58 – Levite
59 – Simeon; criminality
60 – Worldly production
61 – Income tax
62 – The end
63 – Outcast
64 – Weakness, hirelings, slave labor
65 – Going down; Reversionism
66 – Worldliness
67 – Giving (of worldly possessions)
68 – Serving in Edom
69 – Running the course
70 – Elder; pastor-teacher
71 – Strait
72 – Gatekeeper; guard; security
73 – Freedom
74 – Spiritual Freedom
75 – Sovereignty
76 – Skill
77 – Reverse Process Reversionism
78 – Sexual abuse
79 – No scripture reference
(Hardness of Heart)
80 – Strength
81 – Grace Counterattack
82 – Breakpoint; break with the past
83 – Levitical Priest; High Priest
84 – Weakness of the Church.
85 – Eye (Spy)
86 – Legalistic Persecution by
son of the Bondwoman
87 – Donkey, Mule –
transportation system
88 – Blessing
89 – Without Divine Authority
90 – Election, new order
91 – Emergency; coup de grace
92 – Servant; homeborn slave
93 – Guilt
94 – Footstool
95 – Hero
96 – Spoils of Victory; Benjamin
97 – Reduction in Force (RIF)
98 – Ichabod (the Glory has departed)
99 – Challenger (almost but not quite)
100 – Maximum Divine Good Production


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