Ode to Love (Anti-Racism) – Poem

This is the heart of God
The Lord our God loves every race
Not a single background should be excluded
Every person can be saved

This is the beautiful heart of God
No more slavery, no more races
The Father loves us each the same
Inside his heart there are no favorites

I won’t cease to comprehend
Why separation is highly embraced
Even in certain churches, the love is fake
And their reputation lies at stake

Love shouldn’t restrict itself to a race
Love reached everyone the exact same way
It has no boundaries or no limits
It’s not restricted to the color of our face

This is the incredible love of God
To see diversities arise in worship
To see every continent praying in unity
To hear every tongue adoring him

This is the merciful heart of God
This is the precious kingdom of heaven
Every nation and every soul
Praising the King until the end

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