September represents fullness.

It is the ninth month of the year, and it is difficult to realize or imagine that the year has reached its end! As I was praying and researching in regards to the number nine, I learned that it symbolizes or represents fullness. There is no coincidence that in the Hebrew calendar, September is when the year ends and where a new year begins. Similar to a woman that is reaching her ninth month before she finally gives birth to her newborn child, this number represents the fact that things are reaching into a divine completion. There have been areas where we have struggled to persevere and to mature in, and I felt like God was saying that we have finally entered into a month of fullness. In other words, God wants to close a chapter, and the season for the chapter to close is in this month!

This message can be applied or tied to any area in your life! It can be toward your finances, your job, your school work, your classes, and even friendships and relationships! Just like when a woman has to push in order for her baby to be removed from the womb, similarly, God wants to unlock and extract things in our life that have been hidden. Hidden potentials, dreams, visions, and purposes are among some of those things that are hidden. We have kept them asleep for far too long, preventing us from changing and from believing in God to do supernatural miracles. When a woman has a baby in her womb, she knows that a new thing is coming. As a result, she must prepare herself mentally and physically in order to be able to handle it. She must eat the right foods so that the baby comes out perfectly healthy and without blemish. She must be able to adjust her habits, save more money, and prepare herself to buy accessories for babies. This is all in the natural realm!

In the spiritual realm, there is a baby that is coming! We must push it out! We know that a breakthrough is coming! A baby is a blessing from God! That baby is going to be pulled in this season! It’s time to pull it out! The time is now! The season is now! If there has ever been a time in which we need to extract that breakthrough, it is in now! We must prepare ourselves both mentally, physically, and spiritually to be able to handle the blessing that God is about to release.

Heavenly Father, I decree and declare over anyone reading this, that you give them grace to endure what is about to come! I pray protection over everything that they have been believing for, and that they will see the fulfillment of everything you have promised them! September will not end without them seeing the results of things that they have been believing in you for! I declare it! We push and cry for our miracle to come! We are desperate for that breakthrough! We make the necessary adjustments! We break any mental knowledge of previous strategies, and we declare that you prepare us for what’s coming! In the name of Jesus! We receive it! Amen and amen!

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