The results of the 2017 hurricane season point to a higher reality.

I have been researching several articles and historical documents on the intensity of the hurricanes this year. I have compared the events of this year to other very powerful years. Although we’ve seen similar occurrences of destruction in past years, we can’t eliminate or hide that this points to a greater spiritual truth.

This isn’t the only season that we’ve had enormous hurricanes back-to-back. As a matter of fact, in 2004 and 2005, several storms hit the United States, as well.

However, this isn’t just another normal hurricane season. We can’t discard the truth that the previous hurricane to hit Florida (Irma) was larger than Hurricane Andrew when it hit in 1992. How is it possible for a category 4 hurricane (Irma) to be larger than a category 5 (Andrew)? How can we explain for a category 4 hurricane (Irma) to have the size of an entire state like the Florida? Maybe there are scientists that can prove this theory. However, I also believe there is a spiritual significance.

In addition, last week hurricane Maria caused destruction, chaos, and damage by hitting Puerto Rico. Sadly, the island had few hours of preparation, given that just the day before, the hurricane was at a category 3 status. They were only expecting category 3 winds. But within just a small number of hours, the hurricane rapidly intensified to become a category 5, quickly destroying anything in its path.

Moreover, two of the last hurricanes (Irma and Harvey) have caused more significant damage than the four hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne left billion dollars in damage. However, with only Harvey and Irma alone this year, the billion dollars of damage surpasses the damage done by the hurricanes in 2004 by over 100 billion. How can we explain this? How is it possible that 2 hurricanes caused more destruction than 4 different hurricanes?

I’ve been studying hurricanes slightly so that I can be somewhat informed, but I also want to draw a spiritual conclusion. A few weeks back prior to Irma, the United States witnessed a solar eclipse. I believe that God wanted to tell us something with that solar eclipse, but America wasn’t ready. We haven’t heard of hurricanes attack much in other parts of the world. On top of that, an earthquake hit Mexico to be one of the largest in history. Other earthquakes have hit other parts of the world, and we are seeing news outlets record these drastic and unfortunate events happening back-to-back.

There are scriptures that confirm these outrageous events. We cannot substitute or eliminate the fact that these are signs. Although we don’t know what exact time (just like the Bible says), we must have a sense of urgency of the second coming of Jesus. Preaching the gospel in other parts of the world is accelerating the end to come, and I believe that the enemy is upset at what Christians all over the world have been doing.

I believe that this is the time to wake up! This isn’t the time to be depressed or to backslide from God. I wouldn’t be surprised if more hurricanes evolve with greater intensity in the upcoming years. Natural disasters must occur so that the church can remain vigilant in prayer and in supplication. When we walk in the supernatural without prayer, we are open prey for the devil to wreak destruction in our lives. We must continue to intercede, put blood on our doorposts spiritually, and declare protection over our lives and our family.

I pray that if you’re reading this, that the fear of God comes over you. Science cannot explain what is happening. They are creating studies to explain that these hurricanes have intensified because of global warming. However, we know that all of this points to a greater truth. The signs are too many to overlook. I pray the fear of God, and I pray complete and total surrender. That you turn your heart to God, and that he covers you from the situations of this world.

God bless you!

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