The Lord has called us since the beginning of time.

“For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14

The poem that I wrote before, “How could it Be” came from a recent experience that I had with God at a conference that I went to. My life was transformed and edified spiritually through various visitations. One of them, which inspired that poem, was just a vision where God took me to different stages of my life. I started seeing myself when I was in the world and I was remembering the times when he was calling me back into his presence. Even though there were times that I was lonely, depressed, or wicked in nature, he was still there with me. I remember those visions clearly. It was powerful that he took me there, because now I understood why certain events had to happen the way that they did. They had to happen that way so that God could protect me from evil and from wrongdoings.

Why did I share this? I felt to share it so that I can remind whoever is reading this that we’ve been called by God, and that is why we can reflect upon these kinds of visions and dreams. When we are chosen and part of that remnant, it causes us to encounter these events unfold over our lives. Not only has he called and chosen us, but also because of that, we must remember of certain moments in our lives that he was always there and present. I think that true intimacy with God is letting him take us into a journey of our live and letting us understand why certain events have to happen. When we do, we become less bitter toward God, we understand the situation, and we move forward in life. That happened to me in this last conference. I felt the love of God pouring over me, and him just reminding me that I was selected and chosen to do his will.

What was your most recent experience? Have you allowed God to take you into a journey of your life? Have you discovered why your most difficult events took place? It is because he has chosen us. Today, I feel like he wants to remind you that. Let him in, and allow him to expand your vision about your future and destiny.

God bless you!

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