We must change the way we enter a new year.

Yesterday I had one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with two of the guys that I mentor in my church. I shared with them the importance of being different every year, and the importance of feeling convicted and compelled to change. Change is part of what makes us, and it is part of what takes us to our destiny.

Change is important because without it, we stay the same as we were in the previous year. I have seen how people remain the same after a long time of being with God. This wasn’t the case with Jesus, or with the apostles, or with supernatural revivalists of history. Every year, they had an assignment with God, and a responsibility to be more intimate and passionate to bring his presence to Earth. Can it be possible to see someone exactly the same as when they first began in the Lord? Yes… it’s possible.

What are some things that we must be aware of before entering into the New Year?

  • We must eliminate soul ties and past influences.

One of the biggest revelations that God gave me was the need and demand to eliminate worldly friends or people that entice us to do wrong.

“As long as we have ungodly soul ties, we will always have the option to go back to the world.”

  • We must erase every mistake or hardship that we did in 2017.

Our God doesn’t live in the past. He already forgot about our mistakes. We cannot continue to live next year feeling sorry for ourselves.

“The past is done, and in order for us to enter into the future, there is more change that is demanded out of us.”

  • Set goals and reminders that we want to fulfill in the upcoming year.

Grab an agenda. Sit down and strategize. Write down things that you would like to accomplish next year. Ponder on things that you shouldn’t do as much, or that took a lot of time away from being productive. Really search and analyze yourself. Do a self-assessment of your monthly activities, and if you are really getting things done in your life.

  • Pray and fast early next year. Make a vow to accomplish these tasks.

We cannot accomplish these things with human effort. It takes God’s grace and really resting in him to be able to fulfill them. We must be empty of ourselves and be alive of him. The more we die to ourselves and crucify our flesh, the more he is able to work in us and do whatever he wants to do with us.

  • Ask God for his grace to explode with more passion than in the previous years.

The goal is never to remain in His will, but to go deeper into his will. A lot of people say, “I made it through another year.” That shouldn’t be our goal. There is no arrival mentality in the kingdom of God. Life doesn’t end in December 31. Life ends when we go with Jesus. In other words, we cannot go backwards every year. We must go forward. Will there be years of trials and where we feel like we went back? Yes, we will; we are not perfect. But as long as we learn from our mistakes, and find refuge in the arms of God, nothing will be impossible for us.

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