How can we receive direction from God?

“Make me to know way your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4

After being in the Lord for so long, sometimes I’ve experienced (and many of us, perhaps) the difficulty of breaking forth into a new dimension of the Lord. It must happen to us at some point during our walk with God. We’ve conquered and experienced breakthroughs, and we’ve had spontaneous blessings spring up before! However, somewhere along the path, (in my opinion) we lost our edge in the spirit of God. He is always up to something new. He is the perfect orchestrator of our lives. The deeper and more intimate that we seek him, the more He will unravel our next phases. We all know that. The problem is that we’ve become comfortable with our personal relationship with Jesus.

All throughout the book of Psalms, I’ve been studying that David referred to the Lord guiding him in many paths. In Psalm 17, he stated that his feet never slipped because he followed the track of righteousness. In Psalms 23, the Lord guides him into the paths of righteousness. In Psalm 25, he mentions that the paths of the Lord are full of love and faithfulness. And we see in the scripture above, that David was crying out to God to know his ways and to teach him his paths. He received direction every day.

Moreover, in modern times, this means that he didn’t go to Google to look up different kinds of careers. He didn’t look for the easiest profession that pays the most and decided to go with it. He didn’t go to the cheapest university to save the most money and graduate early. He didn’t wait until he had certain amount of money saved up or to have a good credit score to start applying for a house. Sometimes we can end up paying more attention to these factors than the voice of God. This can lead us to the wrong path, as David mentioned. In other words, there is nothing worst than a Christian to be living life without knowing the direction that God is trying to give them.

I can infer pretty much that the heart of David was to constantly be entering God’s presence to unravel the hidden plans that God has for his life. Similarly, when Moses entered God’s presence, God unwrapped the next strategies that he had set for Moses to encounter. Simply put, we’ve stopped praying because we’ve lost expectation for what is ahead. We’ve stopped pursuing new plans. We’ve stopped seeking God for new direction, and God wants us to cry out for those hidden plans that are connected and intertwined with our purpose. There is no separation between God and our purpose. Our purpose gives us freedom, vision, and provision.

So, how can we receive new direction? There’s so many ways to define it, but only God can perfectly interpret it. This is something that as humans, we are always wanting to search and uncover for ourselves. The answer lies in our willingness to step out of the boat, try something new, and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We have to believe that God wants to do with us above and beyond our current job, or our current relationship with him, or our current status at school. The Bible says that like sheep, we all tend to fall astray. I pray that this post becomes more of an inspiration to persevere into God’s presence, and to not grow weary!

If you are feeling like this, say this prayer with me:

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for your presence. I receive your unconditional love into my life, and I present before you the hidden plans and paths that you have for me. Jesus, guide me into the paths of righteousness that you set for me. I decide to persevere in prayer until you unwrap that package for me. Guide me into my next season. Take me into the roads that you have set for me. I disconnect from my reason, my stubbornness, and my conformism, and I decide to enter that realm of blessings. Jesus, let your presence overflow. Let your spirit shine bright in my life! I choose to enter and not grow weary; I will continue entering the paths of righteousness! In Jesus name, Amen!”

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