The problem wasn’t the lack of gun laws…

Last week’s massive shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., has left a lot of people traumatized. Others are left asking questions again about our nation’s gun laws.

People are angry, saying that President Trump should enforce gun laws, and that he needs to do it as soon as possible to prevent another outbreak. They support their plead by mentioning that Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, was mentally ill and shouldn’t have been in possession of a gun.

While all of these things remain true, I believe that the root of what caused this wasn’t the lack of gun laws. This is a biased excuse to attack our president. It is another flaw that people are trying to find in an imperfect president. The proof is that these same people never said anything about our former president’s inability to execute gun laws. As a matter of fact, according to Politifact, Obama’s first-term record was focused more on gun rights than gun control. In other words, he enabled more Americans to have gun rights, instead of preventing more people from obtaining them. Obama promised in his 2012 campaign that he would reintroduce a ban on federal assault weapons, and he didn’t. It was a broken promise. I don’t recall hearing people complaining about this.

It’s the influence of the spirit of this age. Our society has modernized. It has become so divided in different ideologies to the point that we are willing to fight to let our voice be heard. No one is able to have a friendly debate without getting offended, or enforcing their own opinion. Nowadays, when someone states their opinion, very few people respect it. What’s even worst, is that they’ve lost compassion for people. If Americans see a person like Nikolas Cruz, they would turn the other cheek, and walk away from him instead of really understanding where he’s coming from. News sites are saying that he displayed every “red flag” about executing a shooting. Why did no one take an action to prevent this from happening?

Let’s understand what was going on in the mind of this teenager. For starters, Cruz didn’t have either of his parents with him. They died when he was young, and both of his adopted parents passed away, as well. His attorney, Assistant Public Defender Melisa McNeill, mentioned that he was reclused from society and had no moral support to lean on.

“When your brain is not fully developed, you don’t know how to deal with these things,” she said. “When you have the lack of impulse control that a 19-year-old has, that affects the behavior you exhibit.”

His indirect messages were disturbing, and everyone around him mentioned that he was strange. As a result, no one bothered to be close friends with him. But he had a rough childhood. He was hurt. He was isolated. He was belittled and he was overlooked by people. So there you have it. The problem in this case isn’t gun laws! The problem comes from a defiled society that has lost its touch for people. No one helped him. No one prayed for him. No one delivered him. No one approached him to preach the word. No one took the extra step that society didn’t want to take.

This brings me back to one of the most disturbing murders of history, the murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964. A documentary called “The Witness” came out in 2015 as an echo and further investigation of the incident. What made it so disturbing is not that she was brutally raped and murdered, but that a total number of 38 people ignored her screams! She was running away from the killer, and none of the witnesses dared to call or ask for help. It was in a public setting. It wasn’t in some private alley. But still, no one did anything to help her. No one called 911. No one called the police. No one stood out to fight for her. The man stabbed her, raped her, killed her, and the people witnessed without taking action. This tragedy strikes me and it gives me the chills.

Similarly, no one investigated Nikolas Cruz. Not even the FBI, although they were advised of his behavior. According to CNN, he posted a message on social media that he sought to be a professional shooter one day. The post was reported to Youtube, as well as to the FBI, and the message wasn’t investigated at all. No one went into the life of this kid. He was considered a nobody. Many of the videos that I viewed from footage of his red flags were very disturbing. I recall a video from CNN that shows someone took a video of Cruz outside of his home posing to fire guns. Why didn’t the person that took that video discreetly say anything?

Finally, I know that this is a very sensitive topic. I’m not saying that by any means that we shouldn’t enforce gun laws. I am not in favor of what he did, and I am not defending him at all. I am still shocked about what happened, and I pray for those that were affected in anyway by this act of rampage. I pray that God restores those that are wounded. However, I believe that what Cruz really needed was deliverance. He needed help, and this society didn’t give it to him.

Let’s stop demanding more rights. Let’s stop being selfish. Let’s stop voicing-out our opinions without listening to others first. If we want to be heard, we must be the first ones to stop and listen to someone else’s opinion. Let’s listen to one another’s concerns, and let’s help one another be better. Let us be in unity despite the fact that we may have different opinions, beliefs, and other debatable traits.

I pray for those that are affected, and I pray that God’s perfect will comes over our nation. I pray that this issue of gun laws is resolved, but I also pray for those that are hurting inside and aren’t getting the help that they need. I pray that they have a supernatural encounter with God, and that the laborers will listen and obey God’s voice to bless and change their lives. I also pray for those that are angered and wounded. I pray that God’s grace is over them to forgive the perpetrator. I also pray a greater level of compassion in everyone reading this post. Let us be filled with the heart of an evangelist. Let us go after those that are hard to love! I pray that everyone reading this post is blessed. I pray a change comes over to those lives. It’s been something that the Lord has been putting in my heart to do. God bless you all! Let’s make a difference in this world!

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