Tears in a Bottle – Poem (Psalm 56:8)

You constantly prune me
You earnestly pursue me
You capture every tear I have ever cried
You placed every single drop inside a jar

And you have done not only that
But every time I’ve been in need
And when I wanted to bury my head
Your Holy Spirit comforted me

When situations were tormenting me
When evil spirits were oppressing me
Every tear you locked it up
Inside a jar lies every single drop

Soon my weepings will overflow
Soon these prayers will overflow
These cries will cause the jar to burst
They’re evidence that I’ve placed you first

You’ve secured all of the drops
They have dates and they have the time
And all my enemies will finally fall
The jar is about to open wide

I may not know why all of these odds
Are completely stacked against my favor
But I choose to trust in the power of God
As tough as it is to believe in a Savior

Because you’re constantly pruning me
For the powerful call that’s over me
And every tear I have ever cried
Will one day be worth it all

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