The upcoming summit between North Korea and the United States will prove to be historical.

For the past several weeks, there’s been a lot of debate and talk about the upcoming summit the President Trump will have with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Surprisingly, in such a small time, the presidency of Trump has influenced several events to happen, like the peace negotiations between North and South Korea. Since the beginning of the year, he has met with foreign leaders and has influenced diplomatic relations among them, such as France, China, Japan, and South Korea. Although most news outlets will argue that Trump had nothing to do with it, that’s not the case. His tweets, discussions, and statements have all played a role that has allowed this to happen. As a matter of fact, the Americans that were imprisoned at North Korea for years have been finally released and sent back home to their families. No president has been able to do this. Most of the previous presidents have chosen to avoid North Korea, and to ignore them as much as they possible can. Some people argue that if the summit has a positive turn-out, President Trump can be an immediate candidate to receive the Nobel Peace prize.

There is still question as to why the summit was postponed. Throughout last year, Americans were fearful at the possibility of war between North Korea and the United States. At various speeches throughout the election, Trump would refer to Kim Jong Un as “rocket boy.” Moreover, he would talk about him in a negative way to Americans throughout his election to office. However, much has changed since then. Trump has stated that he has agreed to meet Kim Jong Un, and he has also stated that his main desire is to have peace for the world. Trump can prove to be very unpredictable at times, so no one knows what can happen.

Ultimately, I believe that he truly wants the good of everyone and the good of the world. He might not be the best or most perfect president, but I believe that he truly wants to use his influence to bless Americans all over the world. Since the beginning, he has said, America first. Our responsibility is to help pray for him, so that America can continue to be first in his heart, soul and mind.


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