We must be “praying earnestly without ceasing” for our spiritual leaders.

Many Christians have been left in shock after the recent passing of pastor Andrew Stoecklein. The lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California, Stoecklein battled depression and anxiety. He leaves behind his wife and three children. As charismatic as he may have been, he is human just like everyone, with real problems and real pressures of life. No one would have suspected the issues surrounding this pastor’s life.

My prayers are with Inland Hills Church and its members. I cannot imagine what were to happen to King Jesus without our pastor and spiritual father. There’s people that looked up to Pastor Stoecklein as an example of faith, hope, and love. It wouldn’t have crossed their minds to know that he battled insecurities. His passing could probably have caused people to lose faith in God. A pastor has significant influence over people’s lives. Their absence can mislead people the wrong way.

That is why the Bible teaches us that we must be earnestly praying without ceasing. We cannot stop praying until Jesus comes back, not just in times of hardship and grief. We must return to prayer! Prayer moves mountains, and prayer can rescue people from the boat that they are in, especially our leaders. One vigil isn’t enough, there must be accumulations of prayer, fasting, intercession, warfare, etc.

Every time our apostle travels to another nation to preach, the nations and our church earnestly pray for him 24 hours. The intercessors, the disciples, the members, and everyone around us are always praying for God to illuminate Apostle Maldonado. We pray that God eliminates him from people that want to defame him, hurt him, or kill him, and that God clears the path for thousands upon thousands of souls to be added to the body of Christ.

What can the body of Christ not do if we all would stand together and pray in one accord? Our God isn’t dead. There is power in prayer. Pray to eliminate strongholds. Pray to break every chain. We must fight the good fight, and pray for those that God has raised up to be spiritual leaders, because no one is exempt from going through trials. Pastors aren’t God, and we must pray for their well-being. We must pray for their health, for anxiety, stress, and that they get the right amount of rest that they need.

“Lord, it is my prayer that you visit the families and relatives at Inland Hills Church. Visit them at this important time of need. Visit the children, the faithful members, and remind them the power and the necessity of persevering in prayer. I pray that they fight the good fight of faith, and they don’t allow discouragement to grab a hold of them. I pray that they will grab the armor of the Lord, and they will overcome any situation that comes their way. I pray wisdom over the leadership, to select a pastor that will guide the church and have a great sphere of influence over that body. I pray that you use this as an opportunity to draw them closer to you. Thank you, Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, I pray, amen!”


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