The struggle and war for power inside of the White House.

If you haven’t been following up on recent news, the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has made several news highlights. The recent conspiracies regarding his sexual assaults on a woman back in high school raise several concerns about him being granted one of the most powerful positions of the United States. Christine Blasey Ford spoke up and testified that Kavanaugh molested her back in high school. To make matters worst, her story states that a drunk Kavanaugh covered her mouth while she was trying to yell and ask for help. As a result, Democrats and Republicans have risen up and have asked the Senate to conduct an FBI investigation to confirm these details or not.

There’s no doubt that this is just another revelation of the struggle for power that is going inside of the White House. Whether this could be or not be true, Democrats have capitalized on this discovery to prevent Kavanaugh from taking office. To make matters worse, Republicans have fought hard against Democrats to keep him from being investigated. Democrats want to ensure that he doesn’t win the nomination process. Because if he gets nominated, then Republicans take a huge advantage at strengthening and prolonging their agenda for the following years to come.

Could this be a result of anger toward President Trump and him winning the 2016 election? Could the Democrats be conspiring to delay this seat past the election, only so that they can win it in 2020? Or could this probably all be true? Could it be that Kavanaugh is the one to blame for this?

I agree with President Trump’s decision to conduct a supplemental background check into Kavanaugh. My question though, is how come law enforcement wasn’t contacted until many years later? As Senator Graham stated, this man has met with professional women throughout his years involved in politics, and not one allegation has burst into the public against this man. Now that he is about to be awarded a very powerful position, this event has been revealed.

Unfortunately, after so many years from now, it’s very difficult for people to come to remembrance about the exact same story. Democrats have been successful at delaying the process of his nomination. In Kavanaugh’s opening statement, he stated that Democrats have replaced ‘advice and consent’ with ‘search and destroy.’ In addition to this, he’s already been through six FBI background checks, already. Furthermore, the FBI will not determine a conclusion, all they will do is interview witnesses, report their findings, and the Senate will ultimately decide the verdict.

What do you think?


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