With so many sexual allegations coming out to light, it’s impossible to ignore the coincidence and pattern that the media constructed.

Sometime in October of last year, as a hashtag #MeToo spread throughout social media. It was a movement with an intent to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assaults against women. On Twitter alone, the hashtag was used more than 500,000 times during that month. On Facebook, during the first 24 hours, it created 12 million posts. (FORBES ARTICLE)

From October of last year to now, an abundance of similar cases have come to the light. Among these cases have been the ones of Harvey Weinsten, Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, and many more. It includes names such as: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Sylvester Stallon, Morgan Freeman, R. Kelly, Ryan Seacrest, James Franco, Seal, Nick Carter, Steven Seagal, and the list goes on. (GLAMOUR ARTICLE)

But #MeToo’s birth was credited to the allegation of American film producer Harvey Weinstein. Before his allegation, he was considered a very successful and powerful film producer. All kinds of names and titles were used to describe this man. A numerous amount of important female celebrities came out and spoke against this man, claiming to have been victims of his sexual acts. (WEINSTEIN ARTICLE)

In addition, ex-comedian Bill Cosby was recently sentenced to prison for allegations that took place back in 2005. In 2015, 35 women came out against him, saying their stories concerning sexual allegations. Why did it take so long to convict someone of a crime they committed almost 14 years ago? Although he’s clearly guilty, there have been mild reports about his case over the previous years, up until recently. (COSBY ARTICLE)

Furthermore, the current sexual claims of Christine Ford toward Brett Kavanaugh have shaken the world, as well. Kavanaugh has been the most recent target of a movement that has reduced the significance of a Supreme Court Justice position. A man that had already six FBI investigations was forced to undergo a seventh one. If Kavanaugh was guilty, how come the previous six investigations didn’t reveal that?


I don’t mean to be misunderstood. I pray for the men that have made these unrighteous actions. I pray for justice to be served with discovery of facts, proof, and evidence. This was the purpose of the prior two cases. I believe that there should be consequences for these acts, and that women should be respected and treated justly by men. I also pray for the women that have been victims of these men, and that they can put these memories behind them.

However, I don’t agree with three things…

1. Democrats are capitalizing on this trend to impact the result of a very important decision of office. If Kavanaugh wins, there will be an imbalance of Republican and Democratic judges in the United States of America. Senator Lindsey Graham stated that this is a plan for Democrats to prevent this seat from being taken in 2018. If they can prevent the seat from being taken, they will try to win it in 2020.

It makes perfect sense for them to delay this investigation past the time of the elections. As a matter of fact, during the hearing of this allegation, the Democrats urged Kavanaugh to ask to postpone his nomination after the FBI investigation. Their eyes were locked on thwarting the seat from being taken.

2. Not every woman that has come out and shared their story is giving the truth. The most recent investigations in the Ford and Kavanaugh’s case is proving this. It’s beginning to look as though Ford had fabricated the story. She lied about key points, even after making an oath to tell the truth. A previous ex boyfriend testified that she never mentioned to him about her fear of flying. In addition, she never mentioned Kavanaugh or any sexual assaults. Also, she was dishonest about taking a polygraph exam. How much more suspicious can this get? (FORD ARTICLE)

3. The revelation of these allegations has become the focal point of the news outlets. #MeToo has become their breaking news, diluting the status of every other major story. Unfortunately, journalism nowadays has become another business to make revenue. If they don’t follow trends, they won’t grow as a business and they will end up in the backseat. Therefore, they make attempts to write about the latest trend and make it breaking news.

The Kavanaugh story has been the main thing talked about over the media. It’s making headlines in attempts to destroy his image and his testimony before the world. As much as he would want to put these things behind him if he’s proven innocent, this will always be a permanent stain on his record, nowadays. People will always remember him as the man that went through trial for a case regarding sexual allegations.


So, what’s the purpose of this article? To expose the agenda of many news outlets. We must really walk in discernment and identify the motive behind the articles. There’s counterfeit facts in the case of Kavanaugh and Ford. It’s hard to not consider the fact that her public confession has a political motive and agenda behind it, and it is to hold the seat from being taken.

What is sad is that there are people that believe anything that is thrown at them. Any piece of article that they see, they will credit it and take it as literal news. We must really investigate, pray, and not let the media push us to believe their side. True journalism lets the reader decide what stance they’re going to take. They don’t force or tell you who to vote for or what to think.

I hope this article removes some of the baggage you’ve received during this previous month! God bless you!

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