Fierce Love- Poem

The world has tried to understand
Why my love for you is fierce
They will only comprehend
As they experience violent tears

I’ve been through many different struggles
The Lord has been my faithful guide
He has never let me down
He has never left my side

In the moments of hitting rock bottom
His love was present to get me back up
He would never let me fall
Even when I built my own walls
When I created my own barriers
To interrupt myself from Him
He pursued me like a fierce warrior
My fierceful passion comes from Him

They see me win souls and expand His kingdom
With compassion and with love
They don’t know the fiery story
Why I have a fierceful love

Through the years that my best friends left
I was never without His presence
The Holy Spirit was my best friend
We had conversations that never ended
He was there when I had to cry
When I had no one by my side
And we experienced the victories together
We shared the joy and the zeal forever

When everyone had friends to go out with on weekends
I was low key, hanging out with Jesus Christ
I was spitting out my deepest secrets
I was preparing my next poem to write

While everyone had other things to turn to
Girls, friends, jobs and family
My only escape was the presence of the Lord
He was my only chance at family
And even in this beautiful season
Where everything is reaching a completion
My joy and peace continues comes from the Lord
He is my Salvation, my one and all

And even with the partner that I met
I increase with fierceful love for God
Compels me to get closer and closer to Him
So that I continue to fall in love
And now I fight and fight and fight
To never lose that fierceful love
Because His love brings me to life
You can’t have life without His love

You can’t be violent if you haven’t experienced pain
You can’t break through without crying intensely
But now, I know I don’t pray in vain
The Lord hears me and fights eternally

You have to be violent to experience His love
To retain His love, you have to be fierce
You have to die daily so He enters your heart
Without sacrifice, He can’t draw near

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