How I Broke Free from the Curse of Poverty

The channels through where the spirit operated in my life:

One of the strongest generational curses that has operated in my life has been poverty. For generations, the spirit of poverty had affected my family’s way of thinking. As a matter of fact, poverty came through different channels in my bloodline, one of them is the lack of education in my family. My family came to this country without papers and they couldn’t afford a good job. Another channel was sexual immorality, which brought divorces and a lot of financial responsibilities over my father. He had over 10 different children whom he had to provide for. He had more than 5 marriages, as well. In additional, he couldn’t sustain jobs because of his attitude and personality. This kept my family in a poverty mentality.

The effect that this spirit had on me:

Because of this spirit of poverty that tormented my family, I felt very inferior or weak to everyone around me. The mindset I grew up in because of my culture was that I couldn’t have expensive things and I had to settle for less. I always had to go to the cheapest places to buy the most inexpensive things. When I came to King Jesus Ministry, I realized that was a stronghold that was operating in my life. It prevented me from entering a new dimension in my finances.

How I broke from this spirit:

I remember entering the presence of God through fasting and prayer to break out of it. I didn’t want to be bound to that spirit. I continued giving my tithes and offerings to the church. Eventually, God opened the door to enter into banking through a series of interviews. During that process, I fasted and prayed for God to activate angels over my life. I interviewed along 12 other candidates for the position that were more qualified than I was. They had financial degrees, banking experience, managerial experience, while I was only working at McDonald’s at the time period. At the end of the interviews, I received a call that afternoon telling me that I got the job.

I was about to lose it in the first week because of how stressful it was and I continued making transaction mistakes. I was also committing myself to going to school full-time, while also being an active and faithful member of my church. However, I realized later that this was part of the process of breaking from this spirit (the constant renewal of the mind); I had to always tell myself that I can do it! I grabbed hold of every message I heard on prosperity and I asked for prayer from leaders a dozen times. I continuously entered the presence of God, declaring His promises over my life. I sought deliverance from curses still operating in my life.

“I didn’t just believe God to do it, but I also put in work in the natural.”

I knew that praying, fasting, and seeking God was only part of the process. I put in a lot of work in the natural realm, as well. I studied all of the different products that the bank offers. I strengthened my customer service skills. I took time with every customer, giving exceptional service. I took my time with counting the cash, reviewing every count, and making sure that I am always doing the right thing with every customer. I consulted with my managers and asked them for advice, so that I can have a banking career for a long time. Aside from doing good at school, I also had to be excellent at my job. This required extra time awake studying and learning about banking. Doing these tasks meant that I had to go through some sleepless nights; I didn’t have a full night of sleep at times, when necessary. I did my homework so that the next day can be productive and successful.

“A combination of my spiritual and natural decisions brought the breakthrough in the natural. It wasn’t about receiving my breakthrough (my new job opportunity), but also staying and maintaining that breakthrough. It required a lot of character, commitment, and sacrifice.”

When I made those decisions, I saw how God moved in my life. Quickly, I became one of the top-performing employees in my branch, even at a young age. God promoted me three times in that job, and my finances increased drastically. I was only 19 years old when I made a salary that my parents have never made in their entire lives. As a matter of fact, God stretched my finances to the point that I made the most income in my family. I was able to support my mother with the house payments. Nowadays, I’m 25, and I’m making almost $15,000 more than when I first started in banking, and God continues to move in a powerful way. Not only has God blessed me with a good job, but everywhere I go, I am being blessed. Through my example, even the people that I mentor at my church understand the power and the principle of sowing. God has used them to bless me with clothes, money, and many other things.

Breaking from this spirit doesn’t benefit us, but it benefits those around us, and the kingdom of God. It is so that we can be a more effective and credible witness.

I realized that God blessed me not just for myself, but to expand his kingdom. I know that the breakthrough is for His will and not for my own benefit. Therefore, as soon as he stretched my finances, I decided to use it to sow into people in the church, or to stretch my gas and pick up more people to take them to church events. I’ve seen God provide because I haven’t used it for my own benefit. I’ve sowed thousands of dollars throughout the years in people that need it, and I’ve seen God provide firsthand, incredibly. Even the wisdom that God has given me, I have used it to bless the youth that I mentor, or anyone that I come into contact with, like my family, or my future wife, etc.

“I still have a long way to go.”

I know that I have still a long road to go, and that I know not enough, yet. I am constantly asking the Lord to renew my mind in every area, including my finances. I learned that this is key in order to increase in new dimensions throughout our lives. There are still financial goals that haven’t been met yet, but I believe through prayer, sacrifice, commitment, and putting in work, they will come to past.

I believe that you too, can succeed financially. Take this seed in the form of a post, and apply it into your daily life. Let this encourage you and motivate you to push for your financial breakthrough. Money is the one thing that holds most of us back from doing more in life. It is the reason we stress and the reason why we have family problems. It is the reason why we are so limited in our giving, or going out, or having a good time. God wants us to live financially free! He wants us to enjoy the fruit of our labor. We deserve to enjoy it. You deserve to enjoy what you worked hard to earn !

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