The world craves for answers!

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The topic that has trended world-wide and has caused chaos, and havoc, has been the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The disease, which began to spread throughout the entire continent of China, has begun to slowly contaminate almost every continent of the world. Arriving to the United States, as of now, it has created cases in 47 different states. Italy has suffered drastically; a lot of people have died because they were in contact with this virus. China suffered the same fate, as well.

Not only has the coronavirus killed people, but it has also sparked fear throughout the United States and different parts of the world. The supermarkets are loaded with customer lines, everyone stocking up in fear of being forced to be in their homes for a long period of time. The fear has been so immense that it has caused a decline in the U.S. stock market and in the economy. Despite our president’s efforts to keep everyone calm, the world is scared and afraid of dying due to this virus.

Although it has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, is this virus deserving to be allocated to the level of a pandemic? Many people have their different opinions. The seasonal flu has killed thousands of lives over the past few years, nothing compared to the numbers that this virus is creating. Some people argue that only seniors with pre-existing conditions can suffer from this virus the worst, while the younger generation will not be affected by it as much.

While the world is in fear, anxiety, and agony, it is important to know that God has the final say and the final word in every matter and situation. These events aren’t surprising to God. We must know that these events are talked about in the Bible. While the news continue to get worst, the word of God only gets better every day. What is making this virus so powerful is the fear from the people!

I remember many times where the media has tried to instill fear inside people, to force them to run to markets and stack up on things. During hurricanes, disasters, and many more cases, we have seen this pattern from the media. Sadly, the world never learns their lesson because they have been departed from God. A departed world has no faith, and it is hard for them to believe because of their wicked ways.

In this time, more than ever, we must be a light and a voice for people to hear the message of Jesus. He has the final word, and as tough as this situation is, we must know that he is in control. God will have the victory. As believers, we must bow ourselves down, surrender, repent, and let the Holy Spirit come and change our hearts! His blood covers and protects us from any plague hitting our nation!

I remember back in the book of Exodus, where God released the plagues of Egypt! It didn’t hurt the people of God because they had a covenant with Him! They were protected by the blood!

If you’re reading this, I declare and activate the blood over your life! I declare you are protected! Do not be afraid, dismayed, or anxious like the wicked! Trust in the Lord, your God!

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