United States skyrockets to third place among countries with most coronavirus-cases in the world.

According to the World O Meters Info website, the numbers for cases in the United States seem extremely catastrophic. Throughout this entire week, the United States coronavirus cases increased significantly to over 8,000 cases, falling behind Italy and China. This means that currently, there are over 40,000 cases of the coronavirus circulating the U.S. The number continues to increase significantly.

Should Americans be afraid?

While the cases continue to rise in the United States, let’s be logical in numbers. The U.S. population is roughly about 331 million Americans. Out of the entire United States, there have been 373,647 cases as of today. While it is a huge number, this accounts for an estimated 0.11% of our U.S. population. This means that less than half of one percent of our population has been in contact with this virus!

Let’s get even more numerical! Currently, out of the active cases that there are (which less than 0.10% of the population), only five percent are in serious or critical condition. This could probably be elderly clients that were exposed to the virus and suffer a severe threat to this sickness. This is a huge relief!

Continue to do your part!

Practice a good hygiene and follow the protocol of the governors of your state. This is important to prevent this virus to spread over all of America! Let’s continue to pray for our president and the leaders of our nation so we can have this virus leave our country once and for all! However, don’t be fooled by the reports you’re seeing nowadays to bring fear into you! You are covered by the blood of Jesus, but now you have a statistic that strengthens your faith!

(If you’re an elderly person or someone with medical conditions, by no means you should take this as less risky for you. You should stay home. If you need to do errands, preferably have someone else do them for you. Keep yourself protected!)

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