President Trump prays with pastors for the coronavirus pandemic

Great news for every American! Our president, vice president, and secretary had a conference call with over 700 pastors last Friday. President Trump decided to join on the call, asking the pastors for pray for stamina and for the health of the country. Everyone gathered together to pray.

When we see a commander-in-chief running to the feet of Jesus, it says something about our president and our nation. In the book of Kings, God always showed up and protected a man that would seek him. God would protect them wholeheartedly. Prayer isn’t something that we do out of a “powerless” spirit, but rather something that we do out of our faith in the powerful and Almighty God.

In addition to this, the unity of pastors is striking and it is alarming! This is where we put our faith to the test. This is where everything pastors have preached comes to show, that we don’t believe in a dead God, but that our God is surely alive! This is where the church must rise up and pray, evangelize, and preach the word of God!

The world thinks of prayer as a sign of weakness! Prayer isn’t a sign of weakness! It is a sign that we are fully dependent upon God! This is beyond our control. However, we serve a God that can heal our land! He is more powerful than the coronavirus.

Let us continue to come together and pray for this virus! May the Lord continue to invade the White House, as well as every leader involved. I pray that the Holy Spirit invades every Republican and Democrat, so that they can put politics aside and work for the American people! I pray for the spirit of unity and excellence, and that every American will be able to say that they are proud to have a government that is able to work for them! In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen!

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