Walking by faith, not by sight

Imagine a world where we didn’t have faith; everything just being handed to us! Our world would have to be perfect in order for us to make something out of it. Because with the news that we see in today’s world, our faith would be sent down the drain. With the giants that some of us would face in today’s society, most of our faith collapses.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Where is our faith grounded on? Wherever our faith is, that will determine our foundation, and if we will be shaken in times of adversities. In my circumstances, this is the motto that I live by. I don’t walk by the negativity that I see around me or in the news, but I walk by the truth that has been revealed to me. That truth gives me the measure of faith that I have today.

Times of adversity are opportunities for our faith to go to a deeper level! How can our faith rise if we don’t put it to the test? Thank God that he permits adversities in our life, because then life we would be boring, and we would grow stagnant in our walk with God. As a matter of fact, if we wouldn’t need faith, then why would we need God?

Thank God for faith! I think of faith as the true vision! Sight has to do with reason, logic, thinking, and rationalizing. Faith has to do with the opposite of all of those things.

If we want our faith to evolve, these are some things we need to do! First, we must eradicate reason, logic, thinking, and rationalizing. Second, we must take on new challenges and steps of faith. Third, we must overcome adversities with positive attitudes. Fourth and most importantly, we must worship and spend time with God, read and meditate on His word, and pray and fast for breakthroughs of faith!

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