President Maduro being searched by Justice Department for Drug Trafficking

The United States pulled a huge trigger on the former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro recently. The Department of Justice indicted him on several charges pertaining Maduro’s theories on narco-terrorism and drug trafficking. The United States is offering a $15 million reward for any information that can lead them to his capture. In addition, they are offering a $10 million reward for any of Maduro’s former associates.

“While holding key positions in the Maduro regime, these individuals violated the public trust by facilitating shipments of narcotics from Venezuela, including control over planes that leave from a Venezuelan air base, as well as control of drug routes through the ports in Venezuela,”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

This hasn’t been the first time that the United States has caused headlines regarding Venezuela and their corrupt president. In January 2019, Maduro’s presidency was disputed by Juan Guaído. The United States also assumed Guaído as the interim president of Venezuela, sparking fury over Nicolas Maduro. Other nations have joined the United States, as well.

The U.S. have accused Maduro of various crimes, including smuggling drugs into the U.S. such as cocaine, narco-terrorism, money laundering, and corruption. There was a conspiracy brought up that reveals that Maduro was teaming up with a Colombian rebel group to flood the U.S. with cocaine and to devastate American communities.

I’m sure this story in the process of being developed further. Tensions are building up between the United States and Venezuela. We must pray for the United States! We must pray for wisdom, guidance and instruction from the Holy Spirit on how to deal with this criminal act and situation. Join me as we pray for the country, that justice will be brought upon to our nation, and that the citizens of Venezuela are protected and safe from any harm!

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