Senate passes stimulus package bill last night, awaits House approval by Friday, hopefully.

The bill that all Americans have been hoping and waiting for finally gets passed, moving it from its early beginning stages onto the next phase. Now, the House of Representatives has taken over reviewing the bill for approval. They have two options, whether to vote unanimously, or to have a voice vote, in which everyone will have the chance to express their opinions about the bill. If the voice vote takes place, there’s a possibility approving the bill will be extended, since debates will arise as to whether it has to be edited again. If it has to go through revision, like the previous article, it would have to go through the process again.

The $2.2 trillion stimulus package bill will be the largest economic-relief bill in the history of the United States, providing aid to to many Americans that are in need. The bill proposed to send $1,200 checks to Americans with annual salaries less than $75,000 a year; it will begin to dilute for those that are making between $75,000 and $99,000. Couples with salaries less than $150,000 would be paid $2,400, while couples of annual salaries of $198,000 or more will receive a smaller check. Also, American parents will receive an additional $500 for each dependent child.

The bill not only comes with provision for the American families who work for someone, but it does provide economic relief to business and to those that are currently unemployed. Business will be receiving extensive loan programs to help assist them in any needs of the business and paying their employees. Those that are unemployed will receive additional benefits, which several people opposed to this. Some senators believe it will influence employees to leave their jobs since they will be receiving a paycheck from the government, anyway.

The bill also separates companies who are in immediate need of assistance, those that are struggling, like the airline industry and hospitals. There will be a $500 billion loan program that can help airlines not go out of business. Some senators oppose to this program because they believe that some corporations will not be integral and keep some of those funds. They think that airline corporations will not use those funds to aid their industry or employees. In addition, the bill will also provide hospitals additional funding for their employees and any additional tools needed.

While there are some opposition to some parts of this bill, it was passed in the Senate and moved on to the House of Representatives. We pray that despite some oppositions that government officials are facing, that they can all come to unity and agree on something that can work for America. We pray that by the end of this week, we can finally have a bill that will be approved and signed onto law!

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