House surprisingly approves stimulus package, paving the way for the president to sign off on the bill.

The House incredibly approved the $2 trillion relief bill. There was sparking debate and controversy regarding House Speaker Pelosi’s demands that she wanted to include into the bill. However, the bill has been passed and is being sent to congress now for final editing, before being sent to the president for final approval.

Throughout the course of these two weeks, unemployment numbers have reached record highs. Businesses have closed down in attempts to comply with the spreading of this virus. As a result, many employees and many families are being left without work, pay, and resources. In addition to this, hospitals have increased their demands for more resources to treat sick patients.

In addition to this, the airline industry and many large corporations have suffered severely. Not only do they employ the majority of Americans, but the United States also receives a lot of tax money from them. If the airline industry and other large corporations are shut down, then we run the risk of unemployment numbers rising, and the economy suffering again. They need to stay open so that the economy can continue to be in positive standing.

Unfortunately, there are going to be some heavy debatable tasks on this bill. Not everyone will agree on them. Some of these tasks favor Democrats and their interest groups, and vice-versa with Republicans. However, this isn’t the time to be debating why which one is better. In order to make this work, both parties are going to have to compromise. Some things must be overlooked, whether or not they agree with it.

I believe that in this season, both parties are learning to compromise. Hopefully, congress jumps in that bandwagon, too.

Now, congress must determine the bill’s validity. Should it move forward to the president? Or will it stop there and be rejected?

“Congress must show the same courage, same resilience and same strength … to put families and workers first,” Pelosi said. 

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