President Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30

Throughout various speeches and press conference briefings, Trump announced that he would love to see the churches filled with people for Easter Sunday. He wanted that by Easter for all of this to go down. This is why yesterday’s update was a shock to most Americans. President Trump announced that social distancing guidelines will continue to be in effect until April 30th.

“The greatest peak of deaths will take place in about two weeks,” President Trump said.

However, he stressed that after this peak, they’re expecting the numbers to go down significantly, as long as everyone abides by the social distancing guidelines. The extension came after his conversation with a lot of medical experts and the way things are being handled by the government regarding the virus.

In other words, we have yet to see the worst of this virus in America. Spain has soared to the third spot of most cases all around the world, pushing China, the originator of this virus, to fourth place. The United States have continued their lead, and they are far away from the competition. Italy in second place seems to have controlled the spreading of their virus by issuing a country-wide shut down. The United States, being in first place already, still hasn’t taken measures to shut down the whole country. They have taken measures in states, counties and districts most affected by the coronavirus, such as New York, New Jersey, California, and some cities around the country. Other than that, life continues as normal, with the exception of most business and corporations to adopt social distancing guidelines.

Thankfully, April starts with a lot of positive feedback. Trump finally signed the $2 trillion stimulus package bill after congress approved for it on Friday. This means that American workers and businesses will begin to receive aid throughout the month of April. This can help set the economy back in motion. In addition, several bank loans and federal government loans will have the option to make deferred payments, or people will not be penalized for not making payments on their loans.

Moreover, hospitals have received aid to continue treating patients who suffer from the virus. States with more critical conditions have taken serious measures to stop the spreading of this virus to neighboring states and throughout the nation. There’s been tremendous progress.

We have an entire new month before us of many surprises! Let us pray that April ends with a huge victory! That coronavirus is defeated in the United States and in the entire world. Let us lift up our president and leaders in prayer, so that they continue guiding us away from harm’s way.

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