Spain surpasses China with most cases in the world.

Not only have they surpassed China with the most coronavirus cases in the world, but Spain is right behind Italy, who is currently at second place with most recorded coronavirus cases. In a few more days, they will have passed Italy, who cases have been controlled recently, obtaining the second place before the United States. Currently, the United States is at a solid lead, almost nearing 200,000 cases.

First and foremost, not only is the Spain health-care system in a huge need of revitalization, but also the medical and hospital workers themselves are being infected by the coronavirus. This is making the cases soar beyond the ability to be treated in time. So not only are these doctors and nurses working overtime, but they don’t have the right equipment to properly protect them from catching this severe virus.

Some sources are saying that the cases in Spain has started to slowly increase today. Other sources say that between yesterday and the day before, Spain has witnessed their biggest increase in number of cases. However, the entire country of Spain is now in lock-down.

If you are reading this, let’s join together and pray for the nation of Spain! We come together and pray for acceleration over this virus, and that things will improve for Spain in the month of April! We pray for healing, recovery, and for God’s presence to pour out over that nation. In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen!

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