Did President Trump move fast enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

While the pandemic continues to escalate in other countries, there is a question that everyone continues to ask themselves: Did Trump respond abruptly to stop this matter?

A lot of people feel like he didn’t act quick enough. Many articles support the claim that the United States was not prepared for a vaccine in time. They also stated that the president continued to dilute claims and made the virus seem like it wasn’t anything serious to worry about. He also was criticized for not taking ownership and for delegating the issue to Vice President Mike Pence.

But President Trump continues to state that he did act on time. He defends by stating the travel ban he cause on China in January to prevent all kinds of international travel over there. He said that not too long after, they restricted travel In Europe and Italy, as well. He says that this helped stop the coronavirus from getting worst in our country. He also mentioned that to be honest, no one was ready to face this kind of pandemic.

Let’s face the facts: I don’t think that for a long time we have been confronted with a pandemic as huge as this one. The health of Americans have never been at risk at such a serious degree as this one. Many politicians, whether they are Republican or Democrats, were not prepared to handle the spreading of this virus.

Let’s deal with another issue: the issue of a vaccine or a cure. Vaccines aren’t that simple to make. I’m not a health expert, but some of the experts that have spoken in various press conferences have shared the process of creating the vaccines. It takes several weeks, sometimes even months to create them. Once it’s been created, it can’t be automatically treated to a human; it must be tested first. They need to make sure the treatment has no side-effects or any worst conditions.

I personally believe these things must happen so that both government leaders and Americans can learn from this situation and take necessary action to prevent it from happening again. When Hurricane Andrew came to hit Florida in August 1992, the state was not prepared to face it! Hurricane Irma hit in September 2017, for the most part, Florida was more prepared to handle the situation. They have prepared an incredible team in every department to ensure action would be taken to bring the state back to restoration.

I believe that this is similar. I don’t think the President was trying to underestimate this virus, he was simply trusting that America had the resources to keep it under control, and we didn’t. This all shows us of the tremendous amount of work we have to do as a nation to ensure the safety and well-being of every American citizen.

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