Churches have been deemed as “essential activities” throughout Florida, as per the governor.

The law-enforcement officers of Hillsborough County, the county from where Pastor Howard-Browne was arrested, reversed its order from two weeks ago, that didn’t acknowledge churches as “essential activities.” This ironically takes place after Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged them during a meeting on April 1. He said he doesn’t see why religious sectors shouldn’t meet if they follow protocols to ensure the safety of their congregants. In addition, he understood this was a time where people would most want to turn to faith due to this current time of crisis.

In an article from Liberty Counsel, they were hours away from filing a federal lawsuit against the county. Liberty Counsel is an organization that fights for religious liberty and beliefs to be exercised throughout America. They would provide Howard-Browne with the attorneys that would attempt to sue Hillsborough County.

They have asked Sheriff Chad Chronister to reverse his statements that were said against the pastor’s church. The reason being is that he received many death threats and abusive words since the sheriff’s comments last Monday. They’ve also asked for the county to provide the church protection, and to assure that no one will come and attempt to arrest anyone at the church for hosting a service.

Liberty Counsel believes that they knew lawsuits were coming, so they covered themselves and declared churches as “essential” now. Nonetheless, given this fact, now churches are free to resume worship and congregating in America. We will see what this will mean in the forthcoming months, and if churches will decide to meet on Sundays.

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