Ohio church continues to have services despite warnings to stay at home.

Solid Rock Church, a mega church from Cincinnati, Ohio, has stormed headlines due to their continuous services. Most churches have resumed to hosting their services online to ensure the safety and health of their members. The pastor and leadership of Solid Rock Church are holding onto the following scripture the states the importance and necessity to congregate on their website:

Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer. 


The church has remained solid in their decision to continue to host their Sunday services. As a result, they have provided extra strict guidelines to ensure a social-distancing and safe environment. This includes cleaning the church daily, providing hand sanitizers, eliminating passing the offering plates, and many more things.

The church has received a lot of backlash and harmful comments on their social media pages regarding their decision. This is what their website says about their stance:

We also acknowledge that this will be difficult for some people to understand, and that many people will make judgments based on limited information, but we believe that in a time of unfathomable crisis, as faith-based leaders we are called to meet the needs of our community and to address the fear and anxiety of those who rely on faith. These acts of service are an essential part of sustaining our faith and provide an essential service for our church community.


As a result, the church hasn’t backed down on their decision to host Sunday services. They will continue to host Sunday services since they are heeding to the current CDC and government guidelines.

To be honest, it’s funny how churches only make it to news headlines only when it is something negative. When the pastor falls, when the church is being investigated financially, or whenever someone says a controversial statement regarding its beliefs. But when there is a healing, miracle, or a prophetic word released, it is nowhere in the search history of media articles.

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