Several news outlets stopped broadcasting President Trump’s press conferences.

An article from Vanity Fair reads “Report: Even Trump’s Allies are Fed Up With His Press Briefings.” One news outlet states that Trump was praising his conferences. The president was praising his own briefings due to the high ratings it was receiving, which sparked a lot of criticism from opposing outlets. They were offended because they felt like this was a time they needed to hear what the president was saying, that’s why people were tuning in. But as a result, critics have stopped broadcasting his conferences.

While the man loves his ratings, the responsibility of news organizations should be to deliver important news to the public that everyone should know. The public has the right to choose whether it is valid or credible news. It is unethical for an organization to remove that privilege to their audience. It rather seems agenda-based and agenda-driven, as how most news organizations have been recently.

I think that these Trump briefings are very valuable. Not only do you get the inside scoop regarding the coronavirus news, but you also get to know more about the president. I think he’s been more calm than ever, responding to the answers of the media, and showing empathy and compassion for the people.

In one of his recent briefings, he criticized a reporter for reporting on negative news. Because the president is trying to bring hope to the American people, the president called the reporter a terrible person, and that he should be ashamed of himself for continuing to report on the coronavirus in a negative tone.

In his most recent press conference, many of the reporters continued to ask for verification of how many cases are now affecting the whole country. Their questions didn’t point to how many cases have recovered. Their questions didn’t revolve around the future, or providing hope to their viewers. Most of the questions revolved around continued fear, politics, and criticizing the job of politicians or the W.H.O.

This is why I love the Word of God. It is the best news outlet that we could ever find. The word of God teaches us that all things will pass away. Every trial has an expiration date, but the Word of God lives forever. Let the Bible be your daily source, your refuge, and your source of strength.

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