Obama endorses Biden for president, hours after former Biden staff-member accused him of sexual assault.

This week seemed like it started out as an incredible week for Joe Biden, who is on his way to become the presumable Democratic nominee to run for the 2020 election. A few days ago, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race to everyone’s surprise. What made it even more shocking was his endorsement to Joe Biden not too long after. He mentioned that he and Biden will be working together given that Biden wins the 2020 election. This will give Biden the most progressive team and administration there has ever been in modern history, something that was also confirmed by Obama in his endorsement video.

Funny thing is that the endorsement came not too long after Joe Biden was accused of sexual assaulting a former Biden staff member, back in 1990 when he was a senator. And even worse than this, the majority of the big news organization with political agendas did not report this in their articles (CNN, New York Times, and many more).

The New York Times chose to opt out of reporting on this case, given that they think that “no one believes it about Joe Biden.” Well, what about Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual accusations? The New York Times reported on this and was a huge part in elevating the allegation. They published an untold story about a Yale student. They are always ready to bring about the next big hoax from the president to life in their articles.

In addition, CNN broadcasted the trial of Brett Kavanaugh live on their website! CNN continues to report on this, and they haven’t ceased. But a former staff member that used to work with Joe Biden isn’t news? No one believes it? Really?

In Obama’s endorsement video, he mentioned his high respect for Joe Biden, and how he thinks Biden is what America needs for a president. He said that Joe Biden helped him diminish Ebola and H1N1 when they took place during Obama’s presidency. In other words, diminishing what the Trump administration has been doing in recent weeks.

Let’s face the facts, no one was ready for this pandemic! If the media, Americans and other people are going to blame President Trump for not being ready enough, they have to blame the entire world, as well. Everyone is getting hit badly by this pandemic, not just the United States. Yes, we are in first place, but other nations are rising in the ranks, as well. It’s only a matter of time.

Obama also said that America needs a leadership with knowledge and experience, honesty, humility, empathy,” and that it should “belong in the White House.” “Joe has the character to guide us through one of the darkest times and heal us through a long recovery.” He also went on to say, “I know he will surround himself with experts who actually know how to run a government and care about doing a good job running a government.” These were a few of the many punts toward the current president.

To our relief, we have seen in public videos how Biden has offended workers, voters, and other Americans. He has brought curse words into his speeches, and a lot of the times he’s not always focused into what he’s saying.

For a Christian to endorse such a person for president would be to endorse an anti-Christ agenda. Biden’s gearing to creating a more progressive form of the Democratic party. This would have to be another article, but pretty much, if he were to get elected, we could be seeing America heading closer to signs of socialism. Progressive has to do with more equality in finances and in social groups. It has to do with expanding gay rights, feminism, and many more movements in the United States.

Christians need to continue to hold in high esteem the values for Americans. We cannot compromise the truth of Jesus. While we don’t have a perfect president, let’s remember that we can never expect perfection. We can never expect a “preacher president,” because preachers are called to be preachers, and they will never succeed as a president. Their assignment on Earth wasn’t to be president. This president, since he got elected, has been restoring Christianity and the freedom of religion throughout the nation, contrary to our former president.

Let’s continue to stand and pray for this nation. America needs to continue to repent. This will shape the quickness of God healing our land, and getting us geared up into returning our society to normal again.

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