Due to coronavirus crisis, families aren’t able to create a funeral service for their late loved ones.

The most horrible thing for a person to imagine is for one day a beloved family member to pass away. Worst than that, it’s impossible to imagine not being able to see them for one last time in a funeral service with all their loved ones. This is one of the most heart-breaking causes from the coronavirus. In most states, they have forbid to be able to open funerals due to the current CDC guidelines.

In most funerals, people are mourning and in pain. Therefore, hugging and embracing are quite normal in the viewings. But it violates the six-feet distancing rule. And it also violates the shaking of hands, which is also a norm in these times.

Plus, most funeral homes have so many people together, given that there’s several services being held at once. This is probably a safety-concern. So many of them have either decided to close, or to remain open but with very strict regulations.

If there’s anyone right now that has lost someone, I pray the peace of God over you! We are sorry for your loss, and we know that only God can comfort you in this time. I pray this message finds you peace and comfort, and that His unconditional love fills you wherever you are. Although you could not see your family member in that funeral, I pray that you find comfort that you will see them again heaven! Be filled with joy, hope, and love, that you will see your loved one again. In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen!

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