How to Strengthen Your Relationship with God during quarantine?

In a time like this, everyone can be quickly praying this situation out to resume our normal activities. Many of us go home and instead of meditating as to what they should be doing during this time, they are just letting this valuable time go by. During this time, a creative idea could have been invented, or a new business opportunity could have been explored.

It’s very important to know that God allows for times like this so that we could eliminate all of the distractions that have taken place in our lives. We’ve been so preoccupied living a life full or routine and God wants to us to turn our affection back to him.

In a situation such as this, we must realize and identify what things have become idols. Although we don’t worship false gods, we can create idols in our lives like the Israelites did in the times of Moses. We live in a society run by the mainstream media, the government, social media, and the opinions of other people. We operate in a society where, if we lack identity, we could seek the approval of our family, friends, and other social groups. But the best thing we could do during this time is strengthen our relationship with God. It will provide so many benefits for us. These are some things that can help us strengthen our relationship with God.

1. Releasing prayer and worship onto God.

Let’s face it; during a quarantine time like this, we can be tempted to be lazier than we’ve ever been. We’ve never have so much free time in our lives. Kids are not in school. Most employees are working from home. Many locations are shut down. But if we’re not careful, we can just fall into being unproductive. We can sleep in, watch that show we didn’t finish, or catch up with friends we haven’t spoken to in awhile. None of these factors will benefit more than having a relationship with God.

When we begin to worship and pray, God fills us with His presence. He begins to operate in our lives like never before. This weekend, I was able to have a tremendous experience in God’s presence just by putting worship music, and just singing along. When I worship God, I am reminded that He is in total and complete control.

2. Declare a fasting and deliverance.

You’ve been working for too long and you’ve been operating in the flesh for too long! Even your service has been in the flesh recently. This is why fasting is so important. It is the easiest way for you to connect with God at a spiritual level. When I am fasting, it is easier for me to analyze what areas I need to fix. Our mind is spiritual and in constant death, so it is easy to identify our negative traits and attributes. This will make deliverance much faster and powerful!

3. Abstaining from social media and negative news outlets.

Before this coronavirus crisis, social media has already been a constant addiction to millenials and much of our society. It seems almost as though it is the main thing that our young generation does. They’re always on their phones and they’re the first ones to know of important news outlets in the world.

If we want to get closer to God, we must eradicate this from our daily routines. We waste so many hours doing unproductive things, and God is trying to call us back into His presence. The minute that you lay off social media and decide to spend time with God, you will be amazed at how much time you have.

4. Take time to read and meditate on the word of God.

Worship, prayer, and fasting is so important. It is also important, however, to read and mediate on the word of God. The problem with a lot of the younger generation of Christians is that they have a passion and contagious fire for God, but they lack the spiritual foundation of the word of God. As a matter of fact, even the veterans and old-time Christians can fall into seasons of religiousness and thinking they know everything.

The word of God is never outdated. Every time I open it, there is something new that God wants to communicate regarding my purpose and my destiny. He uses the scriptures. And we need a stronger foundation in our walk with God. This is why the word is so important, and I think this is one of the most important things we should do during this time.

5. We must fill our ears with spirit-filled messages.

Instead of listening to the get rich schemes, and all the itchy messages that the world wants to hear, we must turn our ears to messages that will edify us and put a solid foundation. I praise God for the church that I attend, King Jesus Ministry; but there are other ministries that also walk in this continuous revelation and power of God, that will keep you updated spiritually on what God is saying and doing. The Bible says that “faith comes by hearing!” It is very important for us to be listening to apostolic and prophetic messages, so that we can be prepared for times like this.

6. We must take the Holy Communion daily.

Throughout this season, I have begun to enjoy the Holy Communion at a deeper level. I take it as much as I can, during services and during Zoom meetings with leaders in our church. I love it so much because we have the opportunity to place ourselves in that position with Jesus before he was sent to be crucified. I think taking the Holy Communion daily is so powerful, and it brings a supernatural desire in us to repent and to change. It brings the revelation of his crucifixion to you like never before.

7. We can continue proclaiming the gospel to everyone we know.

Who said we should stop evangelizing? We should be using social media to preach the gospel and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. If you haven’t preached to people in your phone, this is the time to do it! Everyone wants to hear good news right now! The media doesn’t have it. Society doesn’t have it, but Jesus has it. This is the time to preach in Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Periscope Live, etc. Will you look ridiculous? Of course, you will! But who didn’t say the apostles of Jesus seemed ridiculous during their time? They were convinced in what they believed in! If you’re convinced, then your time is now!

8. We must stay connected to our pastor, spiritual leader or mentor on a daily or weekly basis.

How important it is to stay connected to a spiritual guide during this time. In a season like this, the devil wants his people to be led astray. I am not surprised if the devil has tried to separate and distance the newer members from their leaders, or pastors. In this time the devil wants to do all that he can so he can destroy as many people as possible. But we must continue to fight this fight of faith, and we can only do it by learning from those that are doing it too, or that have done it before.

9. We should begin a new devotional.

Open that Bible app on your phone and tune in to see what new devotionals are available! You can also search some devotionals, as well, or buy a devotional Bible. There are so many options, but I love these! I love the fact that you can search what you would like to accomplish at the end of the devotional, and there are scriptures and passages on almost anything to help get you by. This is so powerful, and I am sure that it will change your life.

10. We can fellowship and connect with spiritual people.

This one is one of the most important ones of this list, because the devil longs to see the church divided. As a matter of fact, Jesus said that a kingdom divided cannot stand; everyone needs to be in unity. We are seeing nowadays, church leaders rising up in strife against each other, gossip, etc., and we have forgotten the most important element, which is love.

We must return to love our fellow brothers and sisters, regardless of how imperfect they are! We must love them with the love of Jesus, and connect with them to get closer to God. We are all one body, and we have something that someone else needs, and vice-versa. This is why we need to congregate and come together as one body, And when we can’t, we must stay in touch! We can pray together, Zoom together, Skype together, and if it’s a small group of people, we can even meet together briefly.

I hope that by seeing this list, you can find some that you can practice, and see breakthrough in your relationship with God! Most of these, if not all, have worked for me impressively! We pray that this will end soon, but in the meantime, you can put these steps to work! I pray that you will grow in every area, and that you will rise up in your understanding of the God you serve!

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