Protests erupt in Minnesota after a black man was killed by 4 Minneapolis cops.

There’s a story that has become viral yesterday and gained widespread attention, and it is the death of George Floyd. A pair of officers responded to a call that regarded a man suspected of forgery. They described the man as black, on top of a blue car and under the influence. Under the report of the cops, the man resisted their order. A video leaked out from a bystander that showed that the man was being held to the ground with a cop’s knee being pressed to his neck for about five minutes. In the video, the man showed no signs of resisting; he complied with the order of the cops. He urged them to release the hold because it was becoming difficult to breathe. When an ambulance came, he died not too long after.

The Minneapolis Police Department expressed that the technique that the cop used to strain down the man isn’t a technique that they have taught their cops. Bystanders urged the cops to release the hold, but he refused to remove the hold from him. After this, the F.B.I started an investigate and fired the four cops that were involved in this case.

Sadly, this continues a track record of similar stories where cops have killed innocent men, in what appears as a racial stereotype. For instance, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, or Eric Garner, are some examples of black men killed by cops unjustly. In Garner’s example a cop applied a chokehold to him that eventually killed him. In similar cases, colored people have been victims of cops for years, reflecting that racism still exists in our country. One prime example has been the Central Park incident, where innocent young boys were convicted for a crime they did not commit. The list continues to go on.

Thankfully, we have a God of justice, where everything in secret eventually comes to light. Unfortunately, corruption continues to take place in our justice system, and our police departments. Even when we think we’ve lost something, I feel like God works in mysterious ways, and this story is shedding light that others haven’t received. It is the accumulation of the injustice that colored people have received.

We continue to pray for George Floyd and his family, that God comforts them during this rough time. We also pray that they are reminded that his death is not in vain, since God is in the midst of this difficult situation. We pray for every colored person that has lost their life in a tragic way, to police that are supposed to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, not to be our own killer.

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