California governor receives backlash for forcing churches to close down amid pandemic.

California governor Gavin Newsom has issued a statewide order for businesses and crowd gatherings to shut down amidst a spike of coronavirus cases again. Many churches in the state were unhappy and expressed their concern with the law. Many Christians feel like gathering is essential to a believer, and it is also part of our constitutional rights. They are saying that “no one is above the law and our constitution,” despite the pandemic that we’re facing.

Many of these churches have done their due diligence to ensure the safety of their parishioners. They have enforced the social distancing guidelines, to wear coverings and have their temperatures checked. If anyone is sick or with extreme conditions, they are being asked to remain at home, which is understandable.

While spikes in coronavirus cases are scary, we must always go by what the Word of God says, and it tells us in Hebrews 10:25, “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” Many people believe that everything should be closed down indefinitely, until the last coronavirus case gets healed. But if we do that, we are seeing months of a global recession, people without jobs, not working, etc. Although there’s been spikes in cases, the percentage is a significantly small amount of Americans that have been infected by the virus. Are we going to shut down the entire economy, and leave people without jobs for the next few months?

I agree, that the measures that our nation has taken to prevent this virus from spreading could have been better, and could have caused less fatality rates than what we have seen, so far. But putting all emotions aside, as Americans, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others by following these guidelines. We cannot stop going to work, or groceries, etc. All of these things are unavoidable; no matter how much we want to limit the activities, there will always be essential places that will be filled with people. The church should be one of the main activities in that category.

Our nation must turn back to God wholeheartedly. We have fallen into sin, and we must repent. We cannot enforce laws that dilute the liberty of Americans, such as religion and freedom of speech. Why is it that people can gather up for a protest but they can’t gather up for a church service? This is discriminatory and it should stop. Worshipers have the same rights as protestors as long as they are abiding by the CDC guidelines to meet.

While some ministries have adapted by providing outdoor services, I don’t completely agree that all ministries are able to do that. Some don’t have the resources, the volunteers, or the finances to be able to adapt to this new environment. But as long as they are abiding by these guidelines and their members are being responsible, they shouldn’t be prohibited from gathering together.

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