Favorite Worship Artists

In such a quarantine time as this, many of our activities have been diminished. We must thank God for that! We have had such busy lives and it is important that we do not leave God behind throughout this season. In these times, God is calling us to have intimacy and communion with Him. I have attached my personal current favorite worship artists, from least to most favorite, that could probably help you in your time of devotion to God. From the most spiritual believer to the newest believer, these are worship artists that will take you to have beautiful encounters with God.


One of my favorite bands since when I began my Christian walk, Jesus Culture has evolved throughout the years to becoming a band that has captivated the hearts of many around the world. I remember singing their songs and having beautiful encounters in the presence of God with songs such as “My Romance,” “Show me your Glory,” “Obsession,” “I Want to Know You,” “Rooftops,” “How He Loves,” and many more. They have withstood the test of time and have continued to reignite passion with new songs throughout the years. I believe that they will be a blessing to you.


I remember Hillsong being an excellent artist to worship to when I began my walk with God. They had beautiful melodies like “In Your Freedom,” “At the Cross,” “Yahweh,” “Desert Song,” and the powerful anthem “Mighty to Save.” When they rebooted themselves to “Hillsong Worship,” things exploded with their music. From anthems such as, “What a Beautiful Name,” to “Open Heaven/ River Wild,” “Thank you Jesus, and “Broken Vessels,” they have recaptivated thousands of worshipers. I believe that their songs will continue to be a blessing, just as many churches have sung their songs throughout the world.


I believe that Rick Pino is one of the most impressive violent worshipers that we’ve gotten to know in the artist industry. I’m impressed with how he has different types of songs, whether it is warfare, or pure intimacy, or declarations, or deliverance. I have had many encounters with songs like “Restored,” “Jesus Song,” “Abba,” and “Leaning on my Beloved.” Even songs like “Mighty Warrior” are powerful declarations that God is with us. Without a doubt, they will minister to you powerfully.


Misty Edwards’ songs will forever be engraved in my heart as one of the most violent encounters I’ve had with the Lord. Her songs is so in tune with scripture, and there are many times where she quotes and proclaims it in her songs. With songs like “I Give it All,” “Take my Heart,” “I Am Yours,” “Dove’s Eyes,” or the powerful song “Arms Wide Open,” she has definitely caught God’s attention. Her songs are unlike any other, and you will see what I’m talking about when you listen to her songs and receive the presence of God.


When I first heard of this band, I underestimated their potential and the presence of God that they carried. I quickly fell in love with their style of worship, very acoustic and similar to one of my favorite artists (United Pursuit). When I heard songs like “This Love,” “Build my Life,” Come to the River,” or the universal anthem “Good Good Father,” I couldn’t help but get attracted to the intimacy that was being expressed in their worship. If you like soft, acoustic and simple melodies, Housefires will definitely impact your life.


This was another band that I quickly underestimated, and fell in love with the powerful anthem “Here as in Heaven.” I can’t remember how many times and for how many months this was the only song that I could listen to in order to meet with God. After this, I quickly navigated to more of their songs, and loved songs like “Give me Faith,” “Give my Life to You,” “Do it Again,” “Resurrecting,” and “There is a Cloud.” Their pastors’ sermons are incredible, and they have a great team ready to worship and blast you into God’s presence.


This band will forever hold a special place in my heart. They have been my favorite up to the beginning of this year. I remember when I first listened to the song “Set a Fire,” which is forever my favorite song. In different seasons of my life, this song has kept me burning for Jesus throughout the circumstances of life. This has probably been the song that has been most overplayed by me throughout the years. I love their folk and acoustic sound; it doesn’t have to be too loud, it can be soft and simple, but yet powerful. I have been touched with other songs, such as “Fill me Up,” “Never Going Back,” “Met by Love,” “Break Every Change,” “In Your Presence,” “Rejoice in You,” “Your Love is Better,” and many more songs. I know without a doubt that their songs will shine bright inside your heart, too.


These artists quickly became my favorite artists this year. Their songs have been so simple and yet such powerful declarations of God’s love and presence. I love the unity in their songs, and the passion that is evoked when you hear them. From praise, to worship, to intimacy, they will definitely wreck you. I was impacted when I first listened to “Keep on Getting Better,” and then quickly liked other songs like “Most Beautiful,” “My Soul Sings,” “Have my Heart,” “Refiner,” and their cover for “Lean Back” was unlike any other I’ve heard. There are many more that I haven’t listed. I believe if you listen to them, you’ll be impacted, too.


This by far is a band that I always go to when I need to listen to something impact and powerful to take me to God. I use them in the Bible study meetings that I have to pray and minister to people, because of how powerful they are. I think that they are quickly evolving into a band like “Bethel Music.” I am touched by the fact that in every song and cover, there is a spontaneous moment where they are either speaking to God or speaking a lyric that applies to the atmosphere taking place in that moment. Their covers continue to impress me, and I love how they cover songs that are way way old! With covers for songs such as “Defender,” “Great I Am,” “Beautiful Exchange,” and “The Heart of Worship,” they have been impressive. Even personal songs from theirs have taken me to the presence of God. Songs such as, “Thank You Song,” “You and You Alone,” and the powerful war songs “Surrounded,” will definitely take you to the presence of God.


Bethel Music has become my default worship band for any situation and circumstance I’m facing. While they’re not my favorite band, I know that their worship is beyond this world, and it helps me encounter God like never before. I don’t have a time of when I started to get into Bethel, just cause my church intensely loves them, too. I don’t recall the first song that I’ve listened to, and there has been so many of them that have touched my heart. Even covers that they have made from other artists have sounded so much better. I also love their spontaneous moments; they have had so many! If you go on Youtube, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of these, and they will be a blessing to your prayer and worship life.

Do I listen to more artists? Of course, I do! But these are the main ones that I always go to; I’m sure everyone has had encounters with different artists. But as far as me, these songs have made the most impact in my life. I am faithful to them because of how the songs have taken me through rough moments in my life, and even moments where I haven’t wanted to pray or seek God.

My prayer after writing this, is that you decide to live a lifestyle of worship unto God. I pray that you will become radical in the way that you seek God and that you express yourself to Him. You will feel so much better when you are living life freely and to the fullest. You will walk in freedom by seeking Him and worshiping Him.

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