Our nation is more divided than it’s ever been.

“So He called them to Himself and spoke to them in parables, “How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided [split into factions and rebelling] against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but is coming to an end.”

— Mark 3:23-26

I remember a time when traumatic and devastating events brought American people together. Does anyone remember 9/11? The churches exploded with congregants, coworkers were talking about it everywhere, and everyone was feeling sentimental about the people that lost their lives. Throughout this whole COVID-19, we’ve seen the complete opposite of a time when the nation came together. I remember when the nation stood by the president, whether they agreed or didn’t agreed, they stood as an American in support of whatever decision was to be made. Whether you were a Democrat or Republican, we put the politics aside in sight of what was important, the well-being of the nation that we all love.

Change starts with the leaders.

Sadly, more than ever we are seeing riots, destruction and chaos around the world. No one wants to listen to each other. Everyone on social media has become opinionated and vocal about what they hate or what they embrace. But let us begin by stating the fact that change starts with the leaders that govern our nation. Americans will never learn to listen to one another if there is pandemonium inside of the White House, itself. Government leaders have been fighting and bickering to get laws passed, at a crucial time such as this. I think this disdain and hate in the American people is a reflection of how our government is right now.

This division that the leaders of our country are modeling will contribute to the demise of the nation that we love. Jesus said that a nation divided cannot stand. We are weak as a nation when we are divided by our politics, by our belief systems, and many more things. This will make us vulnerable and susceptible to terrorism and attacks from all over the world. Leaders are looking at our country and are in awe of the fact that Americans cannot get along.

There can be unity and compromise in disagreements.

Nowadays, having a different opinion can destroy a relationship! I’ve seen people that the minute you have a different political opinion than they do, they stop talking back to you, or they stop being your friend. This rule applies on any party type, any political opinion, etc.

Where are all the married folks at? In order to keep the unity in a relationship, or even marriage, you must learn the art of compromise. We cannot agree in everything. God made us each unique and different. Even in a mega-church or ministry, there will be people with different opinions and beliefs.

Just because we disagree on something, doesn’t mean we can’t find a common ground. I think we are so divided to the fact that it is either “our way” or “no way.” Either our opinion is right, or everyone is wrong! If someone has a different opinion than ours, we snap, we argue, we complain, and we murmur! I remember a time when it was not like this.

Americans have taken their eyes off of God, and have thought that a perfect person will come to bring restoration.

God works in mysterious ways. Whoever wins this election, they cannot bring unity to our nation. As a matter of fact, even under the previous president, there was massive division, too. I remember even though I disagreed with many decisions and laws, I don’t recall a time where I expressed myself negatively about a president. I remember always praying for our leaders, for wisdom, direction, guidance, and the fear of the Lord. This stance must continue to remain in our hearts no matter who becomes president.

In 2016, when Clinton lost, so many people rioted in the streets. Americans rose up and argued to ban the Electoral College, a rule that has been in place for elections since the beginning of our constitution! Since when did we become so politically stubborn that we want to bend the rules of our constitution to get what we want? No matter who wins an election, we owe it to our constitution to respect the results of any election! It is our duty as American citizens, and to stand by whoever is president of the United States, whether we agree or not agree. If we don’t agree, than why are we still in America? There are other nations that we can choose to live in. But a democracy is a democracy, and we must respect the country we are in, whether we like it or not.

We must pray for our government, pray for this election, and pray for our leaders.

Help me pray for this nation, for God to bring unity and for God to heal our land. I feel like there are many people that have been hurt, affected, and in pain because of the division that is sparking our country right now. Only enforcing God’s righteous laws can bring our nation back to be united like it once was! Only the power of the Holy Spirit can come and bring change over our nation like never before. I pray that it comes over this year, in the mighty name of Jesus!

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