Word for the month of October

It’s a new month that the Lord gave unto us the will to live for. With a new month comes new clarity, new visions, and a new will that God has for His people. While the world celebrates it for Halloween and watching a lot of horror movies, there are different intentions that God has for this month.

October is the tenth month of the year. The number 10 has a lot of Biblical significance.

The number ten signifies responsibility, testimony, and the law. In other words, God uses this number to define or to determine laws. The Lord instituted Ten Commandments for the Israelites to abide by in the Old Testament. He also uses 10% of our earnings in the Bible to determine our tithes unto the Lord. In addition, he released 10 plagues to weaken Egypt and allow the Israelites to escape.

October is a crucial month for elections and for the law of the United States. We must take this privilege with responsibility.

The direction of our country gets decided next month, but this month we get the opportunity to hear debates, to make an informed decision based on the debates, the person’s character, their stances on issues, and many more factors. There’s no coincidence that this month is brought in place to determine this. A lot of people have the opportunity to vote, as well.

October is a month of testimony.

More than anything, October is a month to testify of what God has done this year. The Bible says that the righteous will live by faith. I believe every person that has endured this year is an overcomer, and has lived by faith. God has been good to us, regardless of what we may have lost during this year. Therefore, we cannot stay quiet! There is a world out there that needs to hear the good news of what God has done or what He is doing! Even in the midst of storms and trials, God wants to magnify Himself through the testimonies of the saints!

If God has kept you throughout this pandemic, you must testify to someone! There is someone that needs to hear about the blessings of God that have rained down upon your life!

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