Many Americans were wishing Trump death during his time in quarantine.

It made headlines all over the world in many different parts of the country. Our president and the first lady tested positive for coronavirus. Many people all over the world express their sympathy and prayers for the president given of his “high-risk” status (he is over 70 years old and is obese). On the other hand, there was a huge group of people who wished that the president would die. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various social media websites were abundant of these posts, and the outlets allowed it for sometime until many began to argue that it is wrong to wish for the death of any person, regardless of how strong you feel about them.

These are the times were in right now, where it is okay for American citizens to express themselves in a disrespectful way toward their leader and commander-in-chief, whether you agree or disagree with him.

If any Christian was involved in this, we should feel ashamed. It is definitely not Christ-like for us to wish for somebody to die. Christ extended his mercy over us when we gave our lives to him. We didn’t deserve deliverance, freedom, and access to His presence. He gave it to us willingly. As believers and the light of the world, we ought to do the same.

I don’t recall ever wishing for a president or anyone’s death throughout my life, and I will never start now. It is not a nice thing. I pray that our hearts are empty from desiring death upon any individual. You can call our president whatever you want, but he has never wished death upon any individual, or has mentioned his desire for someone to die publicly. That’s a whole other level of disdain in people’s lives.

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