Supreme Court Justice Nominee attacked for her religious beliefs during hearing.

She is deeply rooted in her faith, a devoted Catholic. She strongly believes in Christians principles, and has lived them and represented them throughout her life and her career. In addition to this, she adopted to Haitian boys and welcomed them into her family. This is Amy Barrett, nominated by President Trump to replace Ginsburg to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Her record is squeaky clean; they have not been able to find anything against her. All that they found was her record of faith, which have been the basis of the majority of the questions she has been asked upon the hearing to claim the spot. Attacking her faith, to see if it would influence her decisions on stances is to go against the Constitution, which promotes Freedom of Speech and Religion. Plus, her record confirms that she has been able to separate her convictions from the law.

This continues to be an attack and a strategy for Democrats to delay her process of approval, as in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, an outstanding Supreme Court nominee. They argue that previous Justice Ginsburg’s death wish was to wait until the next election before electing a nominee to take her spot. But to do such is to go against the Constitution, and I frankly don’t believe that the Democrats would comply with holding off if a Democratic President would be in charge. These tactics continue to be strategies for the Democrats to attempt to delay situations in their favor, but President Trump is currently in office during her death. Whether or not we have an election coming up, decision should be made from the president whether to move forward or not. It’s the law and the Constitution, and no one can rewrite it.

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