When the Odds- Poem

In the middle of my mess
You succeed to meet with me
When I haven’t been at my best
Your love, it finds its way to me

I’ve know I’ve caused many people pain
I’m not a perfect human being
I’ve made a lot of mistakes
But through it all, you’ve been with me

I’ve offended people different times
But the presence of God has never left me
Haven’t always been proud of myself
But even in my worst, God never failed me

And the mountains have risen higher than before
Climbing these ladders has never felt longer
Facing this Goliath has never been tougher
Overcoming these armies has never felt harder

But when the odds are stacked against me
I know your grace will pull me through
When the gates of hell are unleashed upon me
I know your love will take me through

When the blessing is beyond my reach
I know your endurance will take me through
And when hardships come in front of me
Your perseverance will pull me through

When the odds are stacked against me
I know God’s love will never fail me
Friends and family may come against me
But I know His love will see the best in me

When things don’t look as though they’re favoring me
The grace of God will make a way
His love always sees the best in me
I know I’ll withstand every wave

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