Trump Administration negotiates the Abraham Accords, an attempt to birth peace between Israel and the Arab States.

The two peace deals of the Abraham Accords have been supported by the majority of Congress leaders from both chambers. The Abraham Accords is a peace deal between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain. It attempts to restore the Palestinian conflict that is overtaking the Middle East, and it begins a new process of seeking peace between these different countries and belief systems. It is in the process of happening with huge bipartisan support in Congress.

Not only that, but Sudan has also recently reached a settlement with the Trump Administration and will be removed from the terrorist list. It was placed in the terrorist list given from bombings and strikes that took place in the 90s, and President Trump is seeking to restore peace with the country. The country under its new leader has pledged to pay money for fines and damages, and in exchange will be removed from this list. After this, they will be seeking to restore peace among the nations.

This is a huge monumental victory for the Trump Administration, one that hasn’t been reported by the Main Stream Media yet. We don’t know if it will ever be. Another coverage that has seldom been reported has been the changing relations between the United States and North Korea, a move that many people sought to be very controversial. However, it ended in a huge amount of praise, and was critical to both North and South Korea to begin peace negotiations between their respective lands.

The Abraham Accords deal, is particularly crucial for the end time move of God. It further cements Israel as a nation that is here to stay this time without the fear that it can be invaded again. It validates that the prophecy that Israel will become a nation again is affirmed, and that this time, it will not be wiped away from the map again for years to come. Israel is crucial for the end-time move of God because a lot of end-time events will take place in Israel. As Christians, we must support Israel and stand by Israel, because that nation was chosen by God.

We must continue to pray and stand by this law, that God continues to give wisdom to the leaders that govern our country and prevent war from taking place. I pray that there is peace that is beginning to surround our world, and Israel, as well. I also pray that Israel remains protected and firm for the remaining years to come, until Jesus comes back.

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