Exposing the reality behind Halloween pt. 1- History

History.com article “Halloween”

Every year, it is celebrated in its splendor with tricks, costumes, candy, and pumpkins. To the whole world, it is looked at as fun, friendly, and even innocent. Little do we know that there are demonic origins behind this tradition that is celebrated every year. This article will discuss some of those topics. I will include the historical (natural part) and then bring the spiritual part in the next article. Because the church lacks knowledge, they are the first ones out there celebrating this demonic holiday.

My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of me

Hosea 4:6

Halloween’s Origins

About 2,000 years ago, a people known as the Celts celebrated their new year on Nov 1. Unfortunately, when they celebrated it, it was a very dark and cold celebration. The Celts experienced great famine, lack, death, and many fears came upon their lives. As a result of these tragedies that occurred in their lives, they adopted strange and erroneous believes that contributed to creating Halloween.

The Celts started to believe that at the end of every year (Nov 1), the boundaries between the living and death was obscured. This would mean that ghosts return to Earth on Oct 31. There were even reports of many people that would claim that they would see these ghosts, dead people, relatives, familiar people, and the whole people were scared and afraid.

The Festival of Samhain

The Celts created a Celtic festival known as Samhain on Nov 1 to commemorate and welcome the new year. During this celebration, the Celts wore costumes during the festivals and light bonfires. Because they believed ghosts would come at this time, they would bring scary and demonic costumes because they believed it would scare them off too, or they would think they are one of them, too. In addition to this, Druids (Celtic priest) were invited to this event to predict the future and bring hope to the Celts. This was a dark time for them and they wanted to hear someone say great prophecies for them, to make them feel good about themselves. The priests burned crops and sacrificed animals to Celtic deities while everyone was prophesying to each other. This became a pagan ritual every year!

Church Honors the Dead, Eventually Becomes Halloween

On the other side, the church declared a day to honor the dead in 1000 A.D. That day would be Nov. 2, and would call it “All Souls’ Day.” This day was to honor Christian martyrs and saints that contributed their time to the church. As wicked popes and Christian leaders emerged, they decided to include demonic pagan traditions of Samhain and other empires into this day. In this honor to the dead, people also began to light up fires, parades, dressing up in costumes, etc. The name was changed to All Day Saint’s Day, All Hallows or All-Hallowmas, and eventually became Halloween.

Halloween spreads into America

New England rejected these Halloween traditions because of their rigid Protestant nature. In addition to this, a severe famine hit their country in 1879, forcing them to have to migrate to America by the end of the 19th century. America became flooded with a vast amount of Irish people at the time. These Irish popularized the celebration of Halloween nationally to have it become what it is today.

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