Halloween’s Curses- Pt. 2

Given the historic nature of last article, we can see that there is a lot of darkness that surrounds this event that takes place every year. While it may seem that it is an innocent day where kids go trick-or-treating, people wear costumes, or youth attend parties, there is so much that happens behind closed doors.

Halloween has become a phenomena in modern-day society, the fullness of all traditions coming together. Witches continue to make sacrifices on this day for the most murders to take place. They pray to their gods for chaos and violence. They release curses and demonic activity into the atmosphere. There is a lot of mystery, magic and superstition that fills the world during that holiday. There are many horror movies that are released onto movie theaters and television networks. Innocent disguises and costumes, and family-friendly events also become partakers of this event. These are all rituals taking place, and this is what will happen if we partake in these rituals:

Doors become open for demons in our life.

Samhain was a celebration that involved rituals. It is “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” Those that celebrate Halloween (whether you are celebrating Samhain or not) become a part of that ritual of Samhain. The costumes, the tricks, the divination and occult practices are all components of this ritual that took place with the Celts.

Curses come over our life.

The same way that serving God and offering spiritual sacrifices brings blessings, participating in demonic rituals bring curses over our lives. These curses and reach our third and fourth generation if we’re not careful. We must renounce to this and refuse to partake in Halloween.

We become insensitive to the presence of God.

I’ve noticed a pattern that the majority of people that lack sensitivity to God’s presence have a desire for the occult, and for the satanic part of the supernatural. If we have a desire for wicked and demonic things, God cannot give us his presence. When there is iniquity in our hearts, a desire more for the demonic supernatural than God’s beautiful presence, then God will purposely not allow us to feel His presence.

What must we do on Halloween night?

We must apply the blood of Jesus.

If we are able to, go out and preach the gospel with supernatural evidences.

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