Biden vows to sign Equality Act in the first 100 days of office

The Democratic candidate for president has announced something that should be very shocking and very alerting for the body of Christians around the nation. He will sign the Equality Act in the first 100 days of office, saying that there is a huge need of people to be treated equally. This could also be one of the main reasons behind him being supported for president by Trump haters. They believe that he will stand for Blacks, for Hispanics, and for all types of races ans backgrounds of life. But what sincerely does this law mean and how does it affect Christians?

First and foremost, passing this law means that religious sectors will not be able to stand against treating people of the LGBTQ differently, meaning it would be against the law for pastors to refuse to marry a homosexual couple. Their beliefs will not be able to be above the law. This will affect evangelism, outreach, and freedom of speech and religion for the America that we love.

Second, this law will enforce educational classes for kids that discuss gender identity and gender selection. This means that from a very young age, a child will be exposed to the fact that they can choose what they want to be. If they were born a man, they can be a woman, and vice-versa. But a child is emotional and immature; they are not old enough to make life-altering decisions such as that.

Third, this law will make gender-neutral bathrooms a necessity. Therefore, you can be a man and enter a woman’s bathroom, and vice-versa. If you think you’re a male, even if born a woman, you can enter a male’s bathroom with no issue. This will enhance rapes, abuses, and havoc with men and women that could go into opposite bathrooms and harass others, and cause disturbances.

If Biden becomes president, we could be seeing a very different America. Many of the Democrats involved im the Biden Administration support a very strong liberal and social agenda, meaning that when elected, those principles will affect our country like never before. Even Bernie said that their values are being heard like never before, hinting at the fact that Democrats are restructuring their party to look different like they’ve never looked before, in order to get elected. 

I cannot imagine a world where pastor’s voices will be silenced. Pastors who will be taxed or sent to jail if they don’t abide by the law and marry a gay couple. I cannot imagine my kids having to learn about these types of gender-selection courses at a very young age. I cannot imagine a world where you can go into any bathroom and anyone can enter it, whether a guy, girl or any random person. If this does happen, it may be the end of an era as we know it. We could be seeing the coming of Jesus sooner than ever. 

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