Biden says he will be a president for all Americans; Kamala Harris states she supports freedom of religion.

It’s sad to say that a lot of Christians voted for Biden and Harris. Their whole campaign criticized Trump using the Bible verse that portrays him as not loving his neighbor. The former vice president has claimed that he will be a president for all Americans and bring unity if he is elected to the oval office. Harris has indeed pledged her support for freedom of religion, stating the Biden and Harris both are people with a deep level of faith. She even mentions that Biden is very rooted in Catholicism and is a very devout believer.

Their entire campaign has been established around Trump’s character and hurting his credibility. There has been little talk about the policies and about what it is going to do for Americans. The Biden administration’s policies have supported the complete opposite of Catholicism, Christianity, and principles of God. They are in favor of LGBTQ community and abortion, and they are willing to push this agenda throughout the whole country. I believe that everyone should have rights to do whatever they want, but when it affects and it persecutes the faith of other believers, we have an issue. This is not freedom of religion when you defend this community over Christian or Catholic’s faith. With the Obama Administration, we were on the verge of seeing Clinton rise and push this envelope of abortion and homosexuality, to the point that pastors would be forced to marry couples or be subject to pay taxes for their ministry. This is why Christians and Catholics felt attacked by the previous administration and supported Trump.

Jesus was not a Republican, Democrat, or part of any political party. But he would not support for principles that go against the word of God. They cannot say they support Christians, when their laws contradict and say otherwise. Harris says one thing, but Christians see another thing.

We are still far from seeing the results of this election. Christians must continue to pray for a miracle and a breakthrough to emerge over America. We could be seeing the most liberal and anti-Christ agenda being pushed into our nation like never before. This could signal the demise of Christianity triumphing over our nation.

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